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2020-21 Annual Appeal


GOAL:  $75,000.  WE ARE CURRENTLY AT 133%

  • To make a donation online, CLICK HERE (under "Gift Designation" select "CCS Education Fund / Annual Appeal")
  • To mail a donation, download our DONATION FORM
    • Mail to:  Columbus Catholic Schools, Attn: Development, 710 S. Columbus Ave., Marshfield, WI  54449
  • For more information, contact the Development Department




A message from Joe & Nancy Baierl (class of '82 and '83)

What do playing “Anchors Aweigh” several times a week, teaching at Our Lady of Peace Intermediate School, and reffing and announcing the starting line ups in the Columbus gym have in common? Well, those things are all in our schedules pretty often and we wouldn’t change it for anything because they are part of something bigger than us! Being involved in those activities is one way we give back to Columbus Catholic Schools. We have first-hand experience with having our own three children graduate as Dons with… not only a great education, but a living faith that allows them to face each day with a Christ-like attitude. Seeing our children successfully tackle college, first jobs, marriage and challenges make us realize how grateful we are that they grew up in the Columbus Catholic Schools.

Our giving this year has also come in the form of a gift to the Annual Appeal.  We know first-hand that the cost to educate each student is significantly higher than what Columbus charges for tuition (tuition covers about 30% of the cost). Tuition is intentionally kept as low as possible so they can keep it affordable for all families. Consequently, Columbus relies on gifts like yours, to make up the difference. We can testify to the fact that it is not about giving to a school, but giving to each child in order to make a difference in each of their lives.

This year’s goal is $75,000. We would ask you to please help us reach our goal this year by making a gift to this year’s annual appeal and help us keep the “Columbus Promise” - to keep Catholic education affordable for all families. 

Thank you and as always… Go Dons Go!

Joe and Nancy Baierl (class of ’82 and ’83)




I grew up in Marshfield in the 1950s and ‘60s in a family of six children. My father had a sixth-grade education and was a factory worker. Though money was always tight, my parents were great providers and never doubted the value of sending their children to Columbus Catholic Schools (CCS). After graduation, in 1967, I was drafted into the US Army and left to serve my country. After the war, I came home to Wisconsin and sought a degree in Accounting at UW-Oshkosh. Since then, with the support of my wife of 42 years, Ann, we built a thriving business. Only recently did I realize that much of my success was due to the values and character that I learned from my parents and CCS. This included teachers who took a personal interest in my education and encouraged me to succeed. They could to do this because of the smaller class sizes; and the empathy they showed for all students who struggled, which included me. Many times, it seems it’s the students who struggle the most - and get the individual attention they need - that become the most successful! 

I recently read a poem called “The Dash” by Linda Ellis. It’s about how the dates on a tombstone represent the beginning and end of our lives… and what matters most is the dash in between.  I strongly encourage everyone to read the poem online at After reading it, I realized the value of attending CCS and being taught the values Jesus preached. All too often I see people who are taught those values but never really practice them. This made me realize that I needed to have a role in the future of others and give back to help them succeed.

Did you know the “cost to educate” a student is significantly higher than what CCS charges families for tuition? Tuition costs are intentionally kept as low as possible so that CCS is affordable for all families. Consequently, CCS relies on donations and fundraising events to make up the difference.  My “Bucket List” is to Help People Succeed, so I’ve decided to create a matching contribution for the 2020-21 CCS Annual Appeal.  This year’s goal is to raise $75,000. For those who are donating for the first time; or those who are increasing their gift over last years’ contribution, I will match it up to $7,000!  I challenge all of you to work on your “Dash,” follow the teachings of Christ and help the current CCS students by giving back. Please consider making a first-time donation, or a 10% increase over last year.  Let’s change the world by encouraging others to do the same. Now’s the time to give back to our schools for what CCS gave to us.

Thank you,

Edward Hastreiter, President EWH Small Business Accounting
Class of 1967 Alumni, Columbus Catholic High School



Read a message from one of our students

As a future 2021 graduate, I look back at all the wonderful memories Columbus Catholic Schools has to offer. I’ve been a part of the Columbus family since preschool, and I have watched all three of my siblings walk across the stage on graduation day. 

Some of the many reasons that Columbus stands out for me are the amazing teachers and small class sizes. The one-on-one interaction my classmates and I receive from our instructors has helped foster a love for learning and has inspired us to strive for success. In addition, the teachers are able to truly get to know each student and the specific ways we learn best. 

One of the most important qualities that Columbus has to offer is a faith-based education. Apart from classes such as math and science, Columbus offers the opportunity to truly grow in your faith and instill a strong moral basis that students can take with them into the future. 

As I finally approach the day I get to walk across the stage and become a Columbus alumna, I am filled with the urge to give back as much as Columbus has given to me. With this being said, I hope others will do the same so that the legacy of Columbus will continue to live on.

We invite you to continue to be an active part of our Columbus family! You can join us at upcoming events throughout the school year, and you can also make a difference through your monetary donation to the Annual Appeal. Your support and prayers will help Columbus Catholic Schools continue to bless lives for years to come. Go Dons!

Helen Voss, Class of 2021
Columbus Catholic High School