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2019-20 Annual Appeal


GOAL:  $70,000.  WE ARE CURRENTLY AT 100%!



It’s an exciting time at Columbus Catholic Schools.  Our enrollment has increased for five straight school years, with an additional increase expected this fall.  There are many new faces in the hallways, and many more have visited or toured our schools.  This spring we will graduate our 69th class, meaning next year will be our 70th year in existence.  We are grateful that 70 years ago those who came before us built a high school with Jesus as the foundation.  It is a gift we still cherish today.  

Today I write to you about our 2019-2020 Annual Appeal, which supports the cost of operating our schools.  Current tuition only covers approximately a third of the cost to educate a student.  Our “Columbus Promise” is to keep Catholic education affordable for all families.  To bridge the gap we rely on the generous support of donors, local parishes and events.  In the coming weeks, we will also be conducting a Phone-a-Thon!  Our goal this year is $70,000 and we are at 86% of our goal.  Can you help us reach or surpass our goal?  

I often get asked why Columbus is different and the reasons are many.  Smaller class sizes lead to individualized attention and increased opportunity.  Our core values of humility, passion, servanthood, and thankfulness are instilled in every student.  Test scores are the highest in our area and every graduating senior leaves with the ability to choose any path.  

However, the BIGGEST difference has remained the same for 70 years.  Every morning, I watch our students stop whatever they are doing, come together and say a prayer.  Then they go off in many different directions, striving to attain the best in themselves and others.  At the end of the day, I see it again.  Jesus remains the foundation of this school.  We’ve been given a gift by those who came before us.  It’s our responsibility to grow it for those who follow.  Thank you for considering a donation to Columbus.  My fellow staff members and I look forward to the next 70 years.
Joe Konieczny

Athletic Director/Boys Basketball Coach
Columbus Catholic Schools




Witness the Difference of a Catholic Education


“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7, ESV


Asking for money or making the decision to give is never an easy undertaking. We, as families and individuals, have many projects or plans for our money. But today I do just that. I come to you with a great need for our Catholic schools here in Marshfield.

When I was growing up, I began my education in the Catholic school system. Coming from a single parent household, my grandparents believed in the system and knew I would get a better education by going there, so they paid for my tuition. It was when I was going into the 3rd grade that money got tight, and I was no longer able to attend. Although my mother worked as a secretary at the Catholic high school, she didn’t make enough money to pay tuition. As I got older and was entering high school, I did not want to go the public school. I was told this would be one of the largest classes, with over 500 students going into the freshmen year. I wanted a smaller school where I would not just be a number, but have a more personal experience, smaller classes, more one on one time with teachers and students alike. Tuition was out of reach for my mom so off to the public school I went.

Had there been an appeal to cover the costs of operating the school, tuition may have been more affordable. It is through generous donations that Columbus is able to continue to keep our tuition costs down.

Money should never be a deciding factor in attending our Columbus Catholic Schools, as it was for me. Yet without an Annual Appeal, this becomes a reality due to rising operating costs such as building upkeep, salaries, text books, etc.. Please consider this in forming your discernment on how much to give.

  • The actual “cost to educate” a student is significantly higher than what we charge for tuition (about 1/3 the cost) so we rely on fundraising events and donations to make up the difference.
  • Be sure to ask your employer if your workplace offers matching gifts when you donate to a nonprofit organization.
  • We offer ACH (you can have your donation withdrawn directly from your bank account) to make donating easy.
  • Ways you can donate:
    • Write a check and mail it in
    • Donate online with your credit card HERE.

With the overall goal of $70,000 to raise, we need your help. Please faithfully consider giving.

Your brother in Christ,
Reverend Barry P. Saylor
Columbus Catholic Chaplain


Read a message from one of our students


Hi! My name is Maria. I have attended several different schools in the Marshfield area. As a freshman, I chose to transfer to Columbus Catholic Schools. The students and faculty welcomed me with open arms! I was immediately integrated into the Columbus family. I am so grateful to be a part of school that provides a faith-based education with teachers who know me individually. They work to develop each of us, not only as students, but also as people. Something I particularly love about this school is the sense of community. This is shown through our school spirit at sporting events, our willingness to volunteer for school functions such as Alpine Holiday, and the opportunities for student participation in a wide range of activities, like the school musical or mission trips.

We invite you to continue to be an active part of our Columbus family! You can join us at upcoming events throughout the school year, and you can also make a difference through your monetary donation to the Annual Appeal. Your support and prayers will help Columbus Catholic Schools continue to bless lives for years to come. Go Dons!

Maria Taylor, Class of 2020
Columbus Catholic High School