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Listed here are our donors for the 2021-2022 fiscal year (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022).  Please help us thank these generous donors for believing in Catholic education, and in our wonderful students! (List reflects gifts of $100+) 

Jack and Audrey Ably
Dennis '70 and Barbara Adler
Jamieson '96 and Keesha Adler
John '71 and Mary Adler
Margaret Adler
Rosemary (Kraemer '54) Adler
John '56 and Karola Aigner
David and Amanda Alcott
Lee '78 and Pam Alt
James '54 and Geraldine Altmann
Robert '05 and Maci Altmann
Altmann Builders
Charles '72 and Joanne Ampe
William Apfel '65
Michael '68 and Anita Arndt
Art's Body - Alignment Shop  Inc
Lana Aschenbrenner
Associated Bank and Trust Company
David '61 and Geraldine (Green '61) Ayers
Louis and Beverly Badzinski
Joseph '82 and Nancy (Badzinski '83) Baierl
Mark and Thuy Lieu- Barron '88
Gary and Andrea Bauer
Bauernfeind Business Technologies
David and Susan (Badzinski '78) Behling
Terrance Behrens '64
Kenneth and Janet (Weber '76) Bell
Joshua and Lacey Bell
William '60 and Stephanie Bendel
Jason and Leah Bernick
Kristin (Gropp '06) and Matthew Berres
Fernando and Rachel Bersalona
Gerald and Frances Beyerl
Biggby Coffee
James '69 and Sue Binder
Nancy Binder
Donald Blanchard
Rita Blenker
Bo Blenker '02
Blues Hair Studio
Sandy Bosley
Boson Company, Inc
Ronald '56 and Sharon Braem
Andrew '88 and Carrissa Brayer
Paul '66 and Barbara (Adler '66) Brayer
Diane (Wolf '80) and Edward Braza
Edward and Marilyn Brehm
Allen '62 and Colleen Breu
Carol (Bloczynski '62) Brown
Buck-A-Neer Supper Club  Inc.
Janet Bujalski
Tom and Patricia (Neis '69) Burke
Joe and Kathy (Wiskerchen '83) Burnett
Burnett Transit  Inc
Robert '72 and Susan Burns
Dr. Eric and Emily Callaghan
Nelrose Carpenter
Darrel and Debbie Casperson
Justin '93 and Kelly Casperson
Cody '92 and Stacy Casperson
Catholic Financial Life Branch #309
Central Burner & Boiler
Central WI Landscaping
Chips of Marshfield
CHS Class of 1960
CHS Class of 1966
David and Christina Cleveland
Terry (Jacobs '73) and Tom Cook
Culver's Restaurant
Cynthia Kelman Jewelry
John and Dolores (Ruder '55) Czaja
Colette (Schaefer '59) Dahlke
George and Mary (Kohlbeck '66) Davidson
John and Brigid Dean
Keith and Jane (Daul '67) Decker
Dental Clinic of Marshfield
Kathy DeSmet
Bryan and Edna DeVries
Steven Dickman '74
Derek '90 and Rebecca Dieringer
Diocese of LaCrosse
Doine Excavating  Inc
Joseph Dolezal
Don Nikolai Construction
Marty '78 and Cindy Draxler
William Draxler
Draxler Transport, Inc.
Driver Education Academy
Nicholas and Angela Dums
Mark '85 and Carolyn Earll
David and Susan Eaton
Barry and Maria (Christopher '64) Edelstein
Jeffery and Jennifer Edwards
Bruce and Sue Edwards
Erik Edwards
Bill Eggebrecht '79
Linda Egner '74
Elks Lodge No. 665
Donald and Carol (Haffenbredl '66) Ely
Gregory '09 and Liz Ermatinger
Ervin Kehrberg Schools Fund
Cathy (Schuld '79) and David Erwin
Marvin and Jane Fait
Richard Fait '62
Brian '75 and Ellen Fehrenbach
Felker Brothers Corporation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jack and Kim Fieweger
Daniel and Marla Fischer
Karen (Baltus '72) and Ron Fischer
Robert '65 and Mary (Varney '70) Fischer
Steven and Ruth Fleischmann
Forward Bank
Fountain Mist Alpacas
Gary '69 and Marjorie Franz
John '67 and Caroline Franz
Mark '71 and Pamela Franz
Chad '79 and JoAnn Franz
Kelly '76 and Kristi Franz
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Chad and Cheryl (Strack '88) Frey
Steven '84 and Renee Fuerlinger
Judith Gadke '74
Pat '01 and Cassie Gall
Jeff Gall
Romel Garcia-Montilla and Argelia Garcia-Moya
Gregory and Julie Garneau
Melanie (Binder '98) and John Gawronski
Karlene Gehler '71
General Mills Box Tops for Education
Jane Gerend
John '62 and Barbara Gleisner
Dennis '65 and Jo Deanne Goeres
Pat '77 and Holly Gorman
Jason and Jessica Gorst
Brian '81 and Marcy Gotz
David Green '10
Alan Gripentrog '84
Jacob '77 and Lori (Dieringer '78) Gropp
Fred and Carol (Anderson '57) Grorich
Gross Motors
Robert and Elizabeth Gruber
Jose and Rocio Guzman
H & S Manufacturing Co.  Inc.
JoAnn Hackman
Brenna (Malovrh '08) and Erik Haferman
Donald '57 and Maryellen Hager
Kevin '81 Hamann
Rita (Maurer '73) Hanneman
Janice (Lang '65) Hansen
Scott and Debbie (Guden '81) Hanson
William '64 and Jane Hanson
James '55 and Grace Harter
Clarence '74 and Marilyn Hartl
Joseph '73 and Mary Hartl
David '73 and Nancy Hasenohrl
Edward '67 and Ann Hastreiter
Patricia (Theurer '61) Hastreiter
William and Sandra Hatch
Hawkins Ash CPAs
Joyce (Normington '71) and Dewey Hay
Thomas '73 and Donna (Konieczny '77) Hayes
Sean '07 and Ashley Hayes
Jerome Heckel '54
Hefko Floral
Joellen (Weber '72) and Ken Heiman
William '67 and Sue Heiting
Robert and Ruth (Wartner '59) Herkert
Rod '91 and Rebecca Herman
Charles '69 and Judith (Leonard '70) Herman
Christine (Hughes '71) and Thomas Hermanson
Hewitt Area Recreation Department
Hewitt's Meat
John Hilgart '87
Phil and Jill Hiller
Ryan and Danielle Hiller
Shirley (Reigel '67) Hirsch
Rich and Mary Hitzemann
Thomas Hoff '58
Richard '67 and Marlene Hofmann
Erik and Krista Hoglund
David '56 and Joan Holland
Dan Holz and Stacy Braun
Hotel Marshfield
House of Heating, Inc.
Dan '72 and Cathleen Huber
Daniel '61 and Carol (Fehrenbach '61) Hughes
IState Truck, Inc.
DuWayne and Susan (Martin '66) Jacobson
Matthew and Susan Jansen
Jerald Lang Estate
Larry '56 and Elaine (Hoefner '56) Johnson
Mary Jo Kennow '67
Mitchell and Laura (Bertram '95) Kibbel
Courtney Wozniak '11 and Dylan Kieffer '11
Alan and Lori Kieffer
Shawn and Nicole (DeVries '03) Kitchner
Daniel and Christine (Knoeck '85) Kitzhaber
Melissa (Komis '89) and Kent Klein
Frank '61 and Sheila Kleinheinz
Dennis and Kaye Kmiec
Janet (Baumann '60) Knauf
Knights of Columbus - John Eisen Corp
Bernard and Donna (Wartner '61) Knoeck
Robert '66 and Linda Koch
Jerry '66 and Dannilee Koenig
Michael '59 and Jane (Thums '60) Koenig
John '89 and Stephanie Kohlbeck
Thomas '69 and Nan Kolbeck
Jacob '99 and Heather Konieczny
Rev. Brian Konopa
John Kopf '63
Steven Koslowski '85
Edward and Eileen Krall
Steven Kraus '86
Wanda Krause
Brad Kreklau
Debra (Kohlbeck '77) and Mark Kroening
Ron and Diane Kroening
John and Janelle (Bersalona '90) Kuhn
Kwik Trip
Kristina (Lee '71) and Raulf LaMarche
Lyle '82 and Julie Lang
Nathaniel and Angela Lang
Debra Lang
Ralph Lang '67
Lang Furniture Inc.
Karen Lappe
Lawns & Landscapes of Central WI
Eugene '63 and Diane Ledden
Ida (Riendl '56) Lee
Gerard '63 and Carolyn Leonhardt
Maria (Breu '03) Jeffrey  Lewis
Fr. James Logan
Tom and Angie Loucks
Mark '03 and Alyssa Loveland
Lurita Luepke
Mall Furniture
Marcus and Amanda Malyuk
Pam (Finamore '70) and David Marsh
Marshfield Area Community Foundation
Marshfield Clinic Health System
Marshfield Country Club
Marshfield Mall
Anthony and Jill Martin
Ronald and Donna (Sternweis '74) Martin
Joseph Marx '74
Mary Kay
Ron '61 and Ellen Maurer
Todd '88 and Michelle Maurer
Josh and Krisann (Altmann '91) Mauritz
Vern and Margaret Mayer
Gary and Allyson Mayeux
James '82 and Elizabeth Mazza
Joe '89 and Keri (Ress '89) McCormick
McDonald's Restaurant
Dan and Kelly (Hastreiter '88) McGiveron
Ken '56 and Debra Meidl
Melody Gardens Inc.
Richard '63 and Nancy Merkel
Robert '70 and Anne (Stangl '70) Merkel
Merkel Companies
Dr. James Meyer
Clifford and Janette Michalik
Mid-State Truck Service, Inc
Warren and Eleanor Miranda
Bill Mitten
Mitten's Furniture, Appliances & Electronics
Shauna Morin '98
Jerome '64 and Catherine Morzinski
Shirley (Scheuer '62) Mounce
Mt. Olympus Enterprises
Nathan and Jennifer Mueller
Mueller Local
Munson Bridge Winery
Nasonville Dairy  Inc
Paul and Mary Ellen Nedd
Nelson-Jameson Inc
La Verne Neve
New York Life - Bill Heiting
New York Life Foundation
Steve '75 and Alice Niehaus
Don and Kris Nielsen
Richard '83 and Nora (Hughes '81) Nikolai
John '77 and Anne (LaMere '77) Nikolai
Theodore '00 and Jennifer (Merkel '00) Nikolai
Don and Penny Nikolai
David and Kelly Noreen
Nutz Deep II
Don and Barb Nystrom
Alan '82 and Amy Nystrom
Uzoma  and Asha Okorie
Ernest Olivarria and Adrienne Cruz
David and Carol (Engmann '59) Olson
Kathryn M. Olson
Matthew '93 and Heather O'Reilly
Stephen '86 and Shelia Pawelski
Robert '66 and Patricia Perlock
Hubert Pischel
Kevin and Melissa (Schiferl '84) Pittsley
Edward and Marie (Fischer '57) Plotka
Robert Poehnelt '69
Dan '74 and Mary Poehnelt
Catherine Poehnelt
Terry '75 and Kathy Poehnelt
Jeremy Pomeroy and Michaela Tong-Pomeroy
James and Trudy Pomeroy
Power Pac
Prairie Run Dental
Prevention Genetics
ProVision Partners
Sharon (O'Reilly '67) and Peter Quello
Charles '54 Radlinger
Robert and Joan Radtke
Kay Raleigh
Joan Raschke '83
Donald Rauscher '65
Kenneth '67 and Carolyn Rauscher
Kathleen Reigel
William and Patricia (Wartner '57) Reigel
Michael '80 and Jane Reigel
Irene (Fait '59) Reigel
Reigel Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Richard and Carol Reiter
Rembs Funeral Home
Terry Remitz '66
Martin and Rosemary Reriani
Kevin Ress '87
Terrance '56 and Kay Rhodes
Rice's Capital Carpet
Roger and Patricia Riepe
Richard and Tamie Roehl
Rob and Joann Roehl
Richard and Carol (Hartl '66) Rogers
Katrina (Hill '12) and Scott Roth
Paul Rozak
Randall Ruder '88
Sacred Heart PCCW
Barbara (Eckes '70) and Robert Sagstetter
Bruce and Ginny (Hughes '70) Salo
Schalow's Nursery, Inc
John '61 and Lucyann (Kennow '64) Scheuer
William '64 and Mary (Maurer '64) Scheuer
Schierl Companies
Robert '93 and Jessica Schiferl
David '56 Schlagenhaft
Fredrick Schlagenhaft '70
Sandy (Hughes '79) and Jeffrey Schlinsog
Michael and Anne Schmidt
Dennis and Margaret (Brock '85) Schmidt
Gary Schneider '59 and Mary Ann Beverly
Craig Scholin and Jaye Stricker
Doris Schreindl
Duane Schueller '56
Don and Jackie Schueller
Thomas and Margaret Schueppert
Scotty's Pizza and Chicken
Douglas '61 and Sally (Beaver '63) Sebold
Security Overhead Door, Inc
Sharon See
Michael and Mary Jean Seelen
Steve Seidl '74
William Seidl '70
Marilyn (Ingraham '70) and James Seidl-Kramer
Peter and Marion (Knauf '77) Sells
Bonnie (Fait '74) and Bruce Senst
Karen (Wagner '61) Sims
Christine Smith
Tony and Becky Jo (Beining '87) Smith
Doris Smith
Smith Photographic Arts
Ervin and Catherine Somerville
Harold '57 and Jeanette Spencer
Staab Construction Corp.
Matthew  '98 and Patti Sternitzky
Paul '68 and Pamela Sternweis
Ken Sternweis '72
Sternweis & Sons
James and Mary (Johnson '66) Sterzinger
Dr. Michael and Mary Stevens
Henry and Anna (Spencer '82) Stock
Stratford Sign Co., LLC
Erik and Elizabeth Stratman
Butch and Marilyn Stratman
James Strebe '65
Patrick and Lynda Sullivan
Robert '72 and Mary Jane Sydow
Allen Szymanski '79
Target Stores
Steven and Marta Taylor
John '85 and Lisa (Hamus '85) Thornton
Camille Torbey and Rana Nasser
Mary Treichel
Jon and Debra (Schueller '80) Trudeau
Peter '66 and Patricia (Klement '66) Trudeau
Robert and Monica Trussoni
John Cowles and Mary Ellen Ulmer '84
Lois (Seidl '53) Umhoefer
Umhoefer Foundation
Sandra and Michael Van Wyhe
Steven and Julie Van Wyhe
Michael '72 and Georgia Varney
Thomas '65 and June Varney
Alexis (Konrardy '02) Vine
Jaclyn (Draxler '84) and Rodney Walker
Michael Wallschlaeger '61
WD Connor Educational Fund
James and Sherrie Weber
Mark '66 and Rosemarie Weber
Mary (Schuh '68) Weigel
Weiland Inspection
Wayne and Kelly Weiler
Weiler Convenience Stores and Car Wash
Weis Electric, Inc.
Alvin '57 and Janet Wellner
Dr. Tim Wengert
George Wenzel '56
Janice (Swanson '56) and Tom Wepfer
Thomas and Anita Werthman
Daniel Wheeler
Wheelers Chevrolet - Buick - GMC
Matt and Lori Wieland
Ronald and Teri Wilczek
John and Kathleen (Burr '60) Wing
Wisconsin Homes
John Wiskerchen '87 and Laura Prince
Wiskerchen Cheese, Inc.
Richard and Doreen Wojcik
Woodfield Inn & Suites
Linda (Greenwood '76) Writz
David and Jean (Heinzen '73) Wunrow
Isaac and Mary Yeboah
Sharon (Dittner '71) and Barry Yost
Gerald '53 and Ardean Young
Michael and Nancy Young
Norberose Zerrudo
Brent and Rebecca (Hennes '97) Ziegler
Thomas and Lori Zimmerman
Troy and Tammy Zimmermann
Daniel and Gail (Schneider '69) Zirngible
James and Joan (Grosbier '64) Zoellner
Jeff and Candy Zondlo
Robert Zukowski
15 Anonymous