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Join our next meeting:

Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 6:30pm at the Columbus Catholic High/Middle School Cafeteria.



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Connect with us:

Share your ideas with the PA Officers at 

  • Teri Wilczek, Chair
  • Emily Callaghan, Megan Kinning, Co-Vice Chairs
  • Jen Mueller, Secretary
  • Michelle Maurer, Treasurer


Please Pay your dues:

All CCS parents are part of Columbus Parent Association.  Your support of $25 ensures we can do all of the planned activities this year.  We appreciate you!  PA Dues Flyer



The Columbus Catholic Schools (CCS) Parent Association’s mission is to assist in building a strong CCS community through family social events, recognition, and service within our school system. Together WE will accomplish these goals to further enhance our Catholic faith.