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Feed the Hungry Children


Advent 2019
St. John the Baptist Primary &

Our Lady of Peace Intermediate


Project Milk

The Advent season is a time of giving and spreading joy. This year the students are encouraged to participate in Project Milk. Donations collected will be used to buy fresh Wisconsin milk. This milk will be dehydrated and sent to Casa Hogar Orphanage in Peru. Columbus Catholic Schools have been partnered with Casa Hogar for many years and continue to provide student ambassador opportunities to visit the orphanage. 

$85 purchases a 50lb. bag of powdered milk that will provide milk for over 65 children. Our goal is for each building to raise enough money to purchase a bag of milk for the children of  Casa Hogar. 

Each student is being provided with a clean milk carton that can act as a collection box at home. We encourage students to earn coins at home by being a helpful member of their family. We have given your children many ideas about how they can assist their family. Here are a few ideas you might use at home:

  • Dust
  • Get the Mail
  • Help pack a lunch
  • Make the bed
  • Pick up toys
  • Set the table for a meal
  • Wash/ Dry the dishes
  • Shovel snow
  • Water the plants
  • Feed pets
  • Carry groceries into the house
  • Put groceries away
  • Care for/ watch a younger sibling

All donations must be brought to school no later than Friday, December 20th.
Keep an eye on the milk bags in the entryways of each building to see our progress!  If you would like more information on Casa Hogar you may visit the following link

Christmas Kindness Countdown

This year our schools are counting down the Advent season through acts of kindness. Every day a new act of kindness will be introduced in the classroom. Students are encouraged to share the Christmas spirit with both old and new friends. A list of our acts of kindness is included if you would like to participate at home.

Thank you!

Thank you for your help in making this Advent season a positive, prayerful anticipation of Christ’s birth.


School Advent Prayers 2019 (St John)


1st week of Advent - Hope

God you gave hope to Mary through the message of the Angel Gabriel help us follow her example and give the HOPE of Jesus to those around us.  As we begin our Advent season let us be the gift of Hope.  We ask this in the name of Jesus.  Amen

2nd week of Advent - Peace

God you gave us Jesus the Prince of Peace, help us to use this Advent season to be peacemakers.  We have nothing to fear when we give others the gift of your peace.  We ask this in the name of Jesus.  Amen

3rd week of Advent - Joy

Jesus, as we get closer to the celebration of your birthday help us remember that it is in giving that we receive.  When we bring Joy to those around us we bring Joy to you.  We ask this in your name.  Amen