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Will there be an Alpine Holiday?   Yes!  However, it will be all virtual with no in-person activities.  We are working on ideas to keep Alpine Holiday exciting and engaging despite our change in plans.  One of our biggest and most successful components of Alpine Holiday – our raffle ticket sale with a grand prize – is also still happening!

Will there be school on November 13th?   No!  That will remain a day off for students, even though we aren’t using the time to set up for an event.  We have enough school days built up in our calendar that we can take the day off as planned and give students a break from wearing masks.  

What will be the entertainment?  We originally booked the “Manitowoc Minute” star Charlie Berens to be the featured entertainment for this year’s Alpine Holiday.   While we are disappointed he can’t perform this year, we were able to move his performance to the 2021 Alpine Holiday!

What sort of changes are we planning?  The Silent Auction will be entirely online; and we are also looking into virtual/online options for many other aspects of our event.  We will keep you posted as things change or as we learn of new opportunities.  We are also open to ideas!