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What is it?  The Columbus Catholic High/Middle School student-operated newsletter (a class project of the Publications Class)
How often does it come out?  Bi-weekly
Where can I pick up a hard copy?  In the main office at Columbus High/Middle School, Our Lady of Peace School, and St. John School.
Contact Information:

Welcome to the newest version of The Columbus Log! This newspaper has gone through many iterations over many years but it maintains the same purpose: to entertain and inform the students and staff of Columbus Catholic Middle and High Schools.

The earliest edition we can find dates back to September 1958. Check out the November 12, 1959 edition in the High School display case. It reports John F. Kennedy’s visit to Columbus Catholic High School when he was a presidential candidate!

Our Newspaper Staff has worked hard to provide you with a variety of interesting and accessible articles, including some interactive features. We hope you will respond and submit your contributions in future editions.

The Columbus Log will be published biweekly for the remainder of the school year. We will print a limited number of hard copy editions of the paper that will be available in the office at all Columbus Catholic Schools locations.

Next year, if you are interested in journalism, publishing, photography, writing, or all of the above, please consider taking the Publications Class and joining our Newspaper Staff.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, we would appreciate your feedback!

-Patricia Silva, Spanish Teacher


March 5, 2020  

February 17, 2020