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A Message From Bishop Callahan
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Please click here to see a special message from Bishop Callahan about Catholic Schools Week:




As we approach the end of January, we again prepare to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Although it will be somewhat subdued this year, it is still a time to recall the many blessings we have in regard to our Catholic school. We will find new ways to showcase what the Catholic Church in general, and Columbus Catholic in particular, offers our families and those who choose this education for their children. A Catholic education is the primary mission of our church, and we strive to fulfill this mission in a variety of ways, including Columbus Catholic and our Family Faith Formation program. As the primary mission, the education of the future generations in the faith is supported financially by the local parishes in terms of a monthly subsidy, and this makes it a part of each family’s heritage, and something we can all be proud of. 

This year our bishop will not be traveling to the various schools in the diocese, but he will send a message on Catholic schools that will be offered to our students in their classrooms. Knowing the Mass is the center of our faith lives, rather than the entire school gathering as a single community for a Mass, each group will have a Mass that week. This is really what sets a Catholic school apart from others, for most schools can offer a high quality education in the sciences, math, language and the arts. However, we are able to offer another aspect of formation the public schools simply cannot offer; the ability to not only witness Christian values, but to have religious education as an integral part of our curriculum, including the opportunity to have our students at Mass, is invaluable in the formation of our children into tomorrow’s Christian leaders. 

If Catholic education is to continue to be a strong influence in our community, we as Catholics have to stand up for our beliefs, something we see as needed in our world as never before. Yes, it is a sacrifice to place your children in a Catholic school. However, it is a sacrifice that I believe is blessed over the years. When everything is considered, there is one thing that will ensure Catholic education will remain here in Marshfield, and that is enrollment. When deciding where you choose to send your young students in the coming weeks and months, please consider what your local parishes have to offer through arranging a tour of our facilities. Columbus Catholic is truly your school! 

God bless, Fr Jim   




My name is Mark Fieweger and I am a student at Columbus Catholic High School. As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, we would like to thank you for everything you have done to aid us in our mission.

Catholic Schools Week is a time that my fellow students and I all look forward to; we have a whole week of activities planned to show what we as students have accomplished and to celebrate the community we have built at Columbus. This is also a good time for us to express how grateful we are for all of your prayers and contributions that have given us the opportunity to attend Columbus and take part in this community. We appreciate the time and talent you so generously share through your volunteer efforts that have made Columbus into the place it is today.

The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” This theme focuses on the key elements of Catholic education: faith development, academic excellence, and dedication to service. These elements set Catholic schools apart from other educational options, these elements are the reasons that families make sacrifices to provide children with a Catholic education. Catholic schools give us a place where we are able to not only learn in a great environment, but also grow in our faith. This makes our Catholic schools a very special and unique place.

We consider all of our supporting parishes an important part of our community, and we hope that you will join us as we celebrate our Catholic education this week.

Mark Fieweger




Celebrating in Our Parishes (Weekend Masses)

  • Our Lady of Peace – 4:00 (Sat.), 8:30 and 10:00 (Sun.)
  • St. John the Baptist – 4:30 (Sat.), 7:00, 9:00, and 11:00 (Sun.)
  • Sacred Heart - 5:00 (Sat.), 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Sun.)
  • Corpus Christi – 10:00 (Sun.)
  • Christ the King – 4:00 (Sat.), 8:00 and 10:00 (Sun.)
  • St. Michael – 5:00 (Sat.)

Celebrating Our Community (Monday)

  • Theme = New Year’s 
  • Attire = Mix n Match, crazy glasses and hats
  • 21 Item Collection for Soup and Socks
    • Grade 5- Garbage bags: 13 gallons or 30 gallons
    • Grade 4- Canned Fruit
    • Grade 3- Boxed/Canned Potatoes
    • Grade 2- Rice mixes like Knorr side or Rice-a Roni
    • Grade 1- Tuna cans or pouches
    • Grade 5K- Dried soup mixes
    • Pre School and 4K- Muffin or cookie mixes

Celebrating Our Nation (Tuesday)

  • Theme = 4th of July
  • Attire = Patriotic (red, white, and blue) or like a state flower, animal, tree, or symbol
  • Patriotic Activities

Celebrating Our Faith (Wednesday)

  • Theme = Easter
  • Attire = Pastel Clothing
    • Preschool - Pink
    • 4K - Yellow
    • 5K - Green
    • Grade 1 – Light Blue
    • Grade 2 - Purple
    • Mrs. Clifford – yellow
    • Mrs. Strack – pink
    • Mrs. Baierl – purple
    • Mr. Krasselt - light/pastel blue
    • Ms. Colloton - light/pastel green
    • Mrs. Herman - orange
    • Mr. Dahlke - grass green
    • Mr. Kelty - royal ('Columbus') blue
    • Mrs. Kupfer - teal/aqua  
  • 8:00 Mass at SJB 5K-2
  • Faith Community Appreciation Activities
  • Mini egg hunt

Celebrating Our Staff and Volunteers (Thursday)

  • Theme = St. Valentine
  • Attire = Red/Pink/White Shirt with Jeans or Columbus Catholic shirt with Jeans
  • 8:00 Mass at OLP
  • Card making for Staff/Volunteers
  • Valentine Candy Games

Celebrating Our Students (Friday)

  • Theme = Birthday
  • Attire = pajamas or comfy clothes (must wear regular shoes with pajamas and if a nightgown is worn, appropriate pants or shorts must be worn underneath it), may bring one stuffed animal that will fit in a backpack
  • Cookie Decorating Contest – OLP
  • Cupcake Decorating - SJB



columbus catholic Middle School

Monday — P.J. Day

It is Monday and you’re probably not fully awake, so why not come to school in your pajamas!? Have a robe? A favorite pair of school appropriate pajamas? Forget to comb your hair? NO PROBLEM!

Tuesday — Character Day

Have a favorite character from a book, movie or comic? Come to school dressed just like they do! We love to see your creative ideas!

Wednesday — Senior Citizens Day

Pull out the polyester pants and support socks! How about some groovy plaid pants? Or a beautiful floral skirt with pearls? It is time to dress like your Grandparents’ grandparents!

Thursday — Sports Day

Have a favorite sports team you like to support? Show your pride today! Sweatpants are allowed today along with your teams colors. Don’t have a favorite sports team? No problem - if you could be a professional athlete, who would dress like?

Friday — Columbus Day!

Students should wear jeans and a Columbus shirt or sweatshirt. Jeans are allowed; sweatpants are NOT! We will also be going outside in the afternoon, weather permitting. Please bring snow pants, boots, mittens and a hat to play outside and enjoy the fresh air! Be sure to check the temperature and dress appropriately!!!

CCMS Change Wars!!

All week long, we are raising funds to help support National Veteran Patients Day! Drop your donations in your homeroom bucket. Winning homeroom will receive an Ice Cream Float Party!  Any questions, please email Mrs. Hoheisel at





Monday, February 1

  • What to wear: Pajama Day
  • Fundraiser for Care for our Caregivers (jars in homeroom)
  • Special Activities: Hush Button Day (Boys)
  • Door decorating competition: must be decorated by Thursday at 3:00 pm
  • Who has/Who Can homeroom competition: sheet must be turned in to Mrs. Volkman by Thursday at 2:50pm

Tuesday, February 2

  • What to wear: Twin/Multiples Day
  • Fundraiser for Care for our Caregivers (jars in homeroom)
  • Special Activities: Hush Button Day (Girls)
  • Door decorating competition: must be decorated by Thursday at 3:00 pm
  • Who has/Who Can homeroom competition: sheet must be turned in to Mrs. Volkman by Thursday at 2:50pm

Wednesday, February 3

  • What to wear: Grandma and Grandpa’s Closet Day
  • Fundraiser for Care for our Caregivers (jars in homeroom)
  • Special activities: Lunchtime Bingo
  • Door decorating competition: must be decorated by Thursday at 3:00 pm
  • Who has/Who Can homeroom competition: sheet must be turned in to Mrs. Volkman by Thursday at 2:50pm

Thursday, February 4

  • What to wear: Jersey/Sports Fan Day
  • Fundraiser for Care for our Caregivers (jars in homeroom)
  • Special activities: Lunchtime Kahoot!
  • Door decorating competition: must be decorated by today at 3:00 pm
  • Who has/Who Can homeroom competition: sheet must be turned in to Mrs. Volkman by today at 2:50pm Deliver teacher and staff appreciation gifts from HS Stu Co

Friday, February 5

  • What to wear: Columbus tees and jeans
  • Special Schedule (subject to adjustments)
    • 7:40-8:55 homeroom (work on Valentines and adopt-a-grade bookmarks/homeroom photo in lobby)
    • 9:00-10:00 Mass
    • 10:00-10:45 in homerooms watch Nathan Harmon (or other inspirational) video (finish morning crafts)
    • 10:45-11:50 Trivia competition (compete as a homeroom, online)
    • 11:55-12:40 Homeroom lunch (finish any homeroom photos)
    • 12:45-2:40 various activity rooms—students will sign up ahead of time
    • 2:40-2:45 homeroom for end of day prayer and announcements



Grandparent’s Day was postponed from last fall to Catholic Schools Week.  We are still unable to allow visitors into our schools so we are asking teachers to submit videos/photos of their students in action!   Click here to visit our Grandparent's Day Page.