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If you are looking for ways to get involved and would like to help out with Alpine Holiday – this year and/or in the future – we have the following committee positions available:

Classroom Project Chair:  The biggest sellers in our silent auction are classroom projects made by our very own students!  The Classroom Project Chair will assist teachers (who request help) with project ideas and/or help students in the classroom.  This chairperson will also help with pick up and delivery of supplies to the school; and delivering the finished projects to the Development Office by the silent auction deadline.  This Chair will need to check in often with teachers to find out how things are going and if they need anything (for example, if a teacher needs the use of a kiln, that can be coordinated with the Art Department in an organized and timely manner).  Because this volunteer may be working with students, s/he must complete the Safe Environment Training.  (Note:   if volunteers are still not allowed in the classroom by October/November because of COVID-19, the volunteer will not be able to help in the classroom.)  Our 2019 Classroom Project Chair is willing to train.

Silent Auction Chair (and Committee Members):  This Chairperson will pick up donated items and deliver them to the Development Office by the Silent Auction deadline; follow up with vendors/businesses who haven’t responded to our communications; and suggest new vendors/businesses and solicit them for items.  Includes set up of items.  

Entertainment Chair:  This Chairperson will contact local organizations that offer entertainment (dance studio, karate studio, etc.) to tell them about Alpine Holiday and ask them to participate.  The Entertainment Chair will look for new local talent to showcase; and advise the Development Office about ideas for daytime and featured entertainment.  

Pancake Brunch Chair (and Co-Chair):  Needed for 2021!  Due to a vacancy in this position – and COVID-19 - we decided to cancel the brunch for 2020, but we are looking for a new Pancake Brunch Chair for 2021.  This chairperson will plan and oversee the Brunch, order food and supplies, and coordinate volunteers.  

To volunteer, please contact Angela Loucks, Director of Giving and Events at 715-387-2444.