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HELP US GO GREEN! Several years ago we embarked on a journey to update our 35 year old windows and bring us into the 21st Century!  In December, 2018 we were able to install most of the windows in the front of the building and the Band Room.  The impact has been tremendous!  For example, the Band Room, which faces west is so bright, lights are not even turned on in the afternoon saving the school money and resources.

To help us complete Phase One of our Window Project we still need to raise just under $60,000!  This will help pay for four classrooms that have already been updated.  Then we begin Phase Two, and start plans to update the rest.  The cost to install windows in one classroom is approximately $15,000.  

What can you do?  You can sponsor a classroom for $15,000 and we will put a plaque by the entrance announcing your donation!  You can even select the classroom you'd like to sponsor if its available.  We've received donations from individuals, families and businesses.  We even have alumni raising the money to sponsor a classroom in honor of their entire graduating class!

However, ANY donation amount is welcome and appreciated!  For more information, contact the Columbus Development Office at 715-387-2444 or