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Mr. Eaton's Update

September 11, 2020

feast of St. Paphnutius

Home Screening for Symptoms

As more schools have been open for some time we're seeing more reports of positive COVID tests in school populations. So far at CCS, we've been lucky to have no student or staff test positive for COVID-19. To keep that streak going we need to make sure we're all doing our part to keep each other safe. That means stressing good hygiene, wearing our masks, and not coming to school sick. 

Parents: Please check your kids for symptoms at home before bringing them to school. To help you, the Wood County Health Department published a document HERE that shows when to keep a child home and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a document HERE that shows what symptoms to check. I would note that the CDC distinguishes between new symptoms and chronic symptoms.  

Here is something from the CDC website, though, about symptoms in children:

The overlap between COVID-19 symptoms with other common illnesses means that many people with symptoms of COVID-19 may actually be ill with something else. This is even more likely in young children, who typically have multiple viral illnesses each year. For example, it is common for young children to have up to eight respiratory illnesses or “colds” every year. [1]Although COVID-19 and illnesses like colds or the flu have similar symptoms, they are different disease processes.

Some studies have tried to identify which symptoms may best predict whether an individual has COVID-19, although these studies have primarily focused on those over 18-years-old. [6], [7], [8], [9] In children, fever has been the most frequently reported symptom. However, fever is common in many other illnesses, and temperatures can be taken improperly and falsely interpreted as fever. Additionally, there is no symptom or set of symptoms that only occurs in children diagnosed with COVID-19.

Additionally, students with chronic conditions like asthma or allergies may have symptoms like cough or nasal congestion without having any infection at all. As a result, symptom screenings have the potential to exclude some students from school repeatedly even though they do not have COVID-19 or any contagious illness. This in turn may worsen disparities in students who already miss school frequently because of chronic medical conditions.

Students who are sick with contagious illnesses should not attend school, but most illnesses do not require the same level or length of isolation that COVID-19 does. Excluding students from school for longer than what is called for in existing school policies (e.g., fever free without medication for 24-hours) based on COVID-19 symptoms alone risks repeated, long-term unnecessary student absence.

If your child suffers from seasonal allergies, asthma, or other illness that could cause chronic symptoms, particularly a dry cough, please let their school office know. We want to be sure to be safe, but we also don't want to unnecessarily keep students out-of-school if we can avoid it. Knowing what to expect in terms of conditions that may mirror COVID symptoms will help.

From Our Parishes

Rosary Rally

Join in praying the rosary on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Wednesday, October 7 in the Columbia Park at 5:00PM.  Additional information can be found HERE


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