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Mr. Eaton's Update

December 18, 2020

feast of St. Rufus

Please Read This about COVID-19 Vaccine

I want all of you to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. We can’t require anyone to get it, but it would help us operate much more normally in the fall if you do. Here are small pieces of information to help you decide.

August, 2020: Diocese of La Crosse publishes a list on its website of vaccines being ethically and morally produced. That list includes the vaccine developed by Pfizer.

December 7, 2020: The News-Herald publishes a story saying that Marshfield Clinic Health System will be a distribution hub for the Pfizer vaccine.

December 10, 2020: Bishop Callahan, in a Zoom meeting with all school administrators in the diocese said “When the vaccine is available, I’m getting it.” He went on to explain that his age and several underlying conditions make this very important to him.

December 14, 2020: Report originally from NBC News quoting Dr. Anthony Fauci as saying herd immunity may be achievable by the end of the second quarter of 2021 (June) “after the vaccine is more widely deployed.”

That last part is important and why I strongly encourage vaccination. We won’t be free of the restrictions COVID has placed on all of us until the number of those vaccinated is high enough to offer some level of herd immunity. The lowest estimate I’ve seen for that is 70%.

If you are concerned that the vaccine will actually give you COVID — it won’t. You might feel sick for a couple of days — that’s actually a good sign that your body’s immune system is kicking in to defeat COVID-19.

Will the Kids Still Wear Masks?

Yes. As of December 14th, clinical trials of the vaccine had not yet begun for children under 12. It will take a while for vaccination to become widespread, with no indication yet of when it could become available for children under 16. It could be weeks or even months before most adults can even start getting the vaccine. It’s likely that we’ll still be in masks at CCS in the fall, possibly until the start of the second semester next year.

The Enrollment Process

In January, we’ll begin re-enrollment for 2021-22. Our re-enrollment is all online and Kris Nielsen, our Admissions Director, will be sending you the specifics about how to access the re-enrollment online forms. When re-enrollment opens, our current families will have exclusive access to enrollment for two weeks. After that time, those not yet at CCS will have a chance to request information or a tour and be able to submit new enrollments. I encourage you to complete your re-enrollment within the first two weeks.

Our current families are always our best recruiters. Please continue to talk about CCS to your family and friends with school-age children. Potential new families have an opportunity to request information through an online form. This form asks them to submit each child’s latest report card or transcript and tell us about any special services or accommodations a child may be currently receiving. The principals then review that information to make sure we can meet each student’s needs. If the principal is satisfied that we can meet a child’s needs, and enrollment wouldn’t result in overcrowding in any of our classrooms, the family is given access to the online enrollment form.

Tuition Grant Application for 2021-22 Now Open

If you think you’ll need help with tuition next year, please complete the online grant application at HERE.  We’re committed to making CCS affordable for everyone. You can learn more about options to make our schools more affordable on our website HERE.

Voucher Applications Open February 1st

WPCP Income Limits for 2021-22

  • Family Size = 1 Maximum Yearly Income Single $28,072, Married $35,072
  • Family Size = 2 Maximum Yearly Income Single $37,928, Married $44,928
  • Family Size = 3 Maximum Yearly Income Single $47,784, Married $54,784
  • Family Size = 4 Maximum Yearly Income Single $57,640, Married $64,640
  • Family Size = 5 Maximum Yearly Income Single $67,496, Married $74,496
  • Family Size = 6 Maximum Yearly Income Single $77,352, Married $84,352
  • For each additional member add $9,856

Sign-Ups for Christmas Mass

  • St. John’s: HERE (Space limited)
  • Our Lady of Peace: HERE  (12/24 at 3:00 full)
  • Sacred Heart/Corpus Christi: HERE (Some Masses nearly full)

Christmas Mass Times

  • Christ the King, Spencer: Christmas Eve 4:00, 10:00; Christmas Day 10:00
  • Corpus Christi, Bakerville: Christmas Eve 6:00; Christmas Day 10:00
  • Our Lady of Peace:  Christmas Eve 3:00, 4:30, Midnight; Christmas Day 9:00
  • Sacred Heart: Christmas Eve 2:00, 4:00, 8:00; Christmas Day 8:30
  • St. Andrew, Rozellville: Christmas Eve 7:00, 9:00; Christmas Day 8:00
  • St. James, Vesper: Christmas Eve 4:00; Christmas Day 9:00
  • St. Joachim, Pittsville: Christmas Eve 2:00, 7:00; Christmas Day 10:30
  • St. John the Baptist: Christmas Eve 3:00, 4:30. 6:00, 7:30; Christmas Day 8:00, 10:30
  • St. Joseph, Stratford: Christmas Eve 4:00; Christmas Day 10:00
  • St. Killian, Blenker: Christmas Day 10:30
  • St. Mary, Auburndale: Christmas Eve 10:30; Christmas Day 9:00
  • St. Mary, Colby: Christmas Eve 2:00, 4:00, 7:00; Christmas Day 8:00, 10:30
  • St. Michael, Hewitt: Christmas Eve 5:00
  • St. Mary’s, Neillsville: Christmas Eve 2:00, 4:30; Christmas 8:00, 10:30
  • St. Anthony/St. Mary/Holy Family: Christmas Eve 2:00 Willard, 4:00 Loyal, 6:30 Greenwood; Christmas Day 8:00 Greenwo0d, 10:00 Loyal

Services for Our Non-Catholic Friends

(Sorry I don’t have more, I got what I could from church websites and Facebook pages — DJE)

  • Christ Lutheran, Marshfield: Christmas 9:00
  • Immanuel Lutheran, Marshfield: Christmas Eve: 1:30 (high risk individuals), 4:00, 6:30; Christmas Day 9:00
  • Wesley United Methodist, Marshfield: Christmas Eve 5:00
  • East Gate Alliance, Marshfield: Christmas Eve 5:00
  • Cornerstone Church, Marshfield: Christmas Eve 4:00, 5:30
  • Northridge Church, Marshfield: December 23rd, 6:30; Christmas Eve 4:30
  • Faith Fellowship, Marshfield: December 23rd 7:00, Christmas Eve 3:00, 5:00

Columbus Catholic Schools are dedicated to excellence in Catholic education, founded in the love of Jesus Christ, and designed to instill in our students faith, knowledge, and a desire to serve others.