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Mr. Eaton's Update

april 9, 2021

feast of St. Waldetrudis

Don’t Forget to Re-Apply for your Vouchers: The deadline is April 15th.

Time is Running Out! Don’t Wait to Apply for Vouchers.

The voucher application deadline is April 15th, and while that’s still more than a month away, now is the time to get your voucher application, or re-application done. Sometimes things go wrong with an application. Most problems can be fixed, but only if you leave enough time in the application period to fix them.  Haga clic AQUI para ver la información en español. (Spanish translation courtesy of Senora Kennedy's Spanish IV and Spanish V students. Thank you, students, for your quick work with this practical application of your skills.)

What Income Qualifies?

Participation in the voucher program is limited to those with a qualifying income based on family size. For the 2021-22 school year, the following incomes qualify.

  • Family Size = 2 Maximum Yearly Income Single $37,928
  • Family Size = 3 Maximum Yearly Income Single $47,784, Married $54,784
  • Family Size = 4 Maximum Yearly Income Single $57,640, Married $64,640
  • Family Size = 5 Maximum Yearly Income Single $67,496, Married $74,496
  • Family Size = 6 Maximum Yearly Income Single $77,352, Married $84,352
  • For each additional member add $9,856

For Which Grades Can I Apply?

Children already attending a private school can apply for a voucher when going into 4K, 5K, 1st grade, or 9th grade. Children attending a private school for the first time, or returning after a year away, can apply for any grade.

Where Do I Apply?

Applications are all online HERE.

Upcoming Calendar

  • Monday, April 19th — No School
  • Friday, May 14th — No School