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Mrs. Heise's Updates

December 18, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Third Week of Advent — Joy

We are nearing the end of the third week of Advent and have lit the rose candle signifying “Joy”.  While there are certainly trials in daily living, we can also recognize the joys that fill our hearts through our students, staff, school, and families. There certainly is much to be joyful about.

"O" Antiphons in Our Liturgy

During our weekly Mass, Father Robertson gave the OLP students an assignment to research the “O” Antiphons as they relate to an ancient part of our liturgy, one for each day from December 17 until Christmas Eve.  Just as we have many Christmas traditions, this tradition of singing before evening prayers (or vespers) provides us with reminders of the birth of our King, on Christmas day.  Perhaps you would like to include “O” antiphons in your own prayers in a new family tradition.

Advent Service Projects

Our Advent service projects were a tremendous success.  Thank you for supporting the collection of items for Shirley’s House of Hope and the Marshfield Clinic “Angel Fund” to support those dealing with the effects of COVID.  Our OLP staff and students also wrote cards for the many frontline workers at Marshfield Hospital and Clinic, including more than 20 who are active military nurses and technicians relieving our hospital and clinic employees. There are so many in need of our gratitude, our assistance, and our care. 

Spirit of Christmas

I would also like to thank all who purchased items and/or gave financially to make the “Spirit of Christmas” a success.  What we do as a school system to help others does not go unnoticed and certainly should make everyone proud.

Scholastic Book Fairs

This year, we held Virtual Scholastic Book Fairs rather than have them in our school buildings.  Thank you for helping us raise money for our school libraries while taking part in this online experience.  We were fortunate to earn $609.08 for our OLP library and $512.62 for our SJB library.  Books are great for everyone.  Be sure to spend some time reading during our long Christmas break.  Note: Thanks to Mrs. Vine for organizing and managing the book fair.

Star of Bethlehem

Whether we use the scientific term of the “Jupiter-Saturn conjunction” or the spiritual “Star of Bethlehem” we know that next week there will be a celestial event of a magnitude that hasn’t taken place since March 4, 1226.  These two giant gas planets will appear just 0.1 degree apart on the evening of December 21 (winter solstice) just an hour after sunset, creating a bright light which many refer to as the “Christmas Star”.  While the time frame for this event will be short, it certainly may be an opportunity to see something not only scientific, but perhaps, as part of the Nativity Story.  Check it out on Google.

In this year of chaos, difficulty, and oftentimes despair, we need to look to God for guidance, hope, and light.  I would like to think that this “light” from the heavens is more than just a “conjunction” of two planets.  Maybe, we can believe that that this time, the “star” will be the brightest it has ever been…bringing the light we all need to welcome the Christ child.


  • December 21-January 1: Christmas Break: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • January 4: Classes resume and Grade 5 Band 2:55-3:55
  • January 5: Normal School Day
  • January 6: 8:00 a.m. Mass at SJB, 5K and 2nd grade attend
  • January 7: 8:00 a.m. Mass at OLP
  • January 8: End of 2nd Quarter

Looking Ahead

  • January 12: Fr. Weighner meets with 2nd Graders regarding reconciliation
  • January 15: Tees and Jeans Day and Report Cards go home with students
  • January 22: No School
  • January 31-February 6: Catholic Schools Week


Flyers from the Community

Until next time…God bless and Merry Christmas. 

Columbus Catholic Schools are dedicated to excellence in Catholic education, founded in the love of Jesus Christ, and designed to instill in our students faith, knowledge, and a desire to serve others.