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Mrs. Wieland's Updates

December 18, 2020


We want to remind parents and students that email addresses and Google accounts are issued by the school and therefore rules apply to how it is used.  We expect all students to comply with the code of conduct that was outlined in the usage agreement signed at the beginning of the school year.  Students are only permitted to use these platforms for school-related reasons.  Communications should be appropriate in nature.  If someone is found in violation, consequences could result. 

Bark Jr.  

If a new device is on your student's wish list please know that there are some great ways to ensure they are navigating the cyber-social world safely.  One of those ways is through Bark Jr. Bark Jr is a screen time management and web filtering tool. It enables you to set daily screen time schedules for each of your kids’ devices, from hands-off bedtime hours to educational site-only school time sessions. You can also block specific websites and apps as well as general categories like streaming, gaming, and more. Consider signing up before December 30th, 2020 as a subscription opened before that point remains free for life.  Click HERE for more information.

New Year's Resolutions

We hope that everyone's Christmas Break is a happy and healthy one.  When we return in the New Year, we want to hit the ground running.  A few reminders to help things go smoothly, and may be on your resolution list are:  

Continuing with being diligent about social distancing and mask-wearing.  We appreciate your efforts in this as it helps us to minimize those identified as close contacts when a positive case arises.  

Continue to arrive at school on time and give yourself extra time in your commute if inclement weather occurs.  Our front doors open at 7:20.  Our 1st bell rings at 7:35 and our 2nd bell rings at 7:40.  At 7:40 students should already be in their homeroom, or first period, ready to begin the day.  We advise that our students arrive before 7:35 to ensure they have enough time to account for this.  Please know that in our student handbook it states that after the 3rd unexcused tardy, students will receive a detention.   There are many reasons a tardy may be excused.  For example, if you encounter a flat tire, poor roads, illness, etc... you can send a note in.  However, some reasons are not an excused tardy, sleeping in or running behind, for example.  Please also allow enough time to arrive safely at the beginning of the day. We want to ensure the safety of our students first and foremost, but we cannot assume a reason for the tardy if a note is not received in our main office.

Cell phones permittance continues to be the same for both the middle school and high school.  High school students are allowed to use them only during their lunch period or during study hall if they are an active junior or senior Open Campus participant.  Middle school students are not permitted to be on a cell phone during the school day but if they own one, they can store it in their locker for use after school.  

High school students were addressed during their most recent class meetings about sweatshirt restrictions as it pertains to logos and Mass days but this applies to middle school students as well.  Sweatshirts containing logos may only be worn if they are 3x3.5" in size or smaller.  Additionally, sweatshirts are not allowed on Mass days.  

Mental Health 

It is wonderful to have an extended break right around the corner but if you find yourself or your student(s) struggling emotionally, have a plan.  While it is common to have the "Holiday Blues" because it is typically a time of high emotion and demand, this can leave adults and kids alike, feeling stressed and exhausted.  It is even more prevalent because of the pandemic. Some things to be on the lookout for with students: abnormal changes in sleep patterns, an increase in irritability, mood swings, or sadness.  These may be signs that warrant a mental health assessment. See the flyer HERE for more information and for additional changes to be on the lookout for. 

Let our prayers allow us to be hopeful for a better year in 2021, one where we find ourselves able to enjoy some of which we have had to place on hold.   

As always, thank you for choosing Columbus Catholic Schools.  Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Columbus Catholic Schools are dedicated to excellence in Catholic education, founded in the love of Jesus Christ, and designed to instill in our students faith, knowledge, and a desire to serve others.