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Mrs. Wieland's Updates

March 31, 2021

Student Ambassadors

High school students currently in grades 9-11 recently received an email invitation for applying to be a Student Ambassador.  The program is open to incoming 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.  Note that the electronic form was sent to students and a teacher recommendation letter is to be completed no later than April 30th.  Students who wish to apply should be in good academic standing and be confident in their communication skills. If you or your student are not sure what Student Ambassadors do, they are a group of students chosen to represent our schools for functions ranging from open house events, Grandparent's Day, school tours, as well as panel discussions.  Furthermore, they work in conjunction with the Development Office to promote CCS through recruitment activities, community service, and school involvement. It is a noteworthy experience to include on resumes and it also counts towards service hours.  Determinations are made in May.  Please discuss this opportunity with your student to see if they feel like a good fit.  Please contact me with any questions.  

Counseling Services

Please remember that Columbus Catholic Schools partners with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW), to address needs ranging from trauma to anxiety. Know that services are available to be scheduled during the school day, within the school building, and during school hours.  There is a designated space for students to meet confidentiality with a provider and the school is proud to make this an option for families. If you are not sure whether your student would benefit from meeting one on one with a licensed provider, consider looking at the flyer HERE. If the answer is yes, call the Marshfield Office and ask for an "Intake Packet".  (See the contact information below.) Please be sure to mention that your student goes to Columbus so they provide the correct paperwork to you.  

  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
  • 725 S. Central Ave.
  • Marshfield, WI 54449
  • (715) 387-2729

As always, thank you for choosing Columbus Catholic Schools.

Columbus Catholic Schools are dedicated to excellence in Catholic education, founded in the love of Jesus Christ, and designed to instill in our students faith, knowledge, and a desire to serve others.