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Below are your links to get to your online classes.

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Grades 6-12:
Gmail -
Google Classroom -
Google Drive -
Student tutorial on how to use Google Classroom -
RenWeb Learning Management Classes -

To help with the transition to online learning here are some of the basics. Middle and high school teachers will be either using Renweb LMS or Google classroom for their classes.  Your teacher has or will reach out to you on what service they will be using. Both Renweb LMS and Google Classroom have their own pros and cons and your teacher will choose what fits best in their classroom environment.

For Google Classroom you will go to Log in with you school email and password. You will then see all the classes you have been added to. Make sure to join the classes so you will get updates when the teacher makes posts. Follow your teacher's instructions to complete your assignments.

For Renweb LMS you will login with your school email and password at It may have you reset your password once you log in. Once logged in, make sure in the top right corner it matches what school you are in; either 'Columbus Catholic High School' or 'Columbus Catholic Middle School.' If it doesn't match, click on the school name and then select your correct school. Once you make that change you will be able to see your classes in LMS. Follow your teacher's instructions to complete your assignments.

Grades and lesson plans will continue to be posted on RenWeb (go to and click "Parents" in the top right corner to log into the RenWeb Family Portal).

Please reach out to me if you are having any problems logging in or need any assistance with this transition to online learning.  I want you, as students, to have the best transition possible. My contact information is below.

Thank you,

Brandon Wolf, Network Administrator
Columbus Catholic Schools
715-387-1177, ext 3320