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Distance Learning with CCS

You have the option of enrolling your children at CCS but having them learn at home from their own teachers. All students, whether you tell us they will be learning from home or not, are placed in classes so that spot remains open for them when they're able to return. We will provide at-home learning for those who can't be in school, primarily through live-streaming and recorded classes through Google Meet, with assignments available through Google Classroom. We can provide any support you need if you choose learning from home. If that means providing you with a wifi hotspot or having your family check out multiple school Chromebooks so your kids can all watch their classes at the same time, that’s what we will do.

Distance Learning and Wisconsin Parent Choice Program

For those enrolled with us but learning from home from our teachers, your voucher is not affected. Those choosing to homeschool themselves or using an online school like RVA will lose their vouchers. Those losing vouchers could reapply next year, but only if they do not re-enroll with us until after the 2nd Friday of January. Those returning prior to that time would be limited to applying exclusively for 4K, 5K, 1st, or 9th grades.

Distance Learning and Athletics

Students enrolled with us, including those learning from home, will be able to participate in athletics, including varsity sports.


Below are your links to get to your online classes.

Gmail -
Google Classroom -
Google Drive -
Student GSuite Account Setup -
Student tutorial on how to use Google Classroom -

For Google Classroom you will go to Log in with your school email and password. You will then see all the classes you have been added to. Make sure to join the classes so you will get updates when the teacher makes posts. Follow your teacher's instructions to complete your assignments.

Grades and lesson plans will continue to be posted on RenWeb (go to and click "Parents" in the top right corner to log into the RenWeb Family Portal).


Please reach out to me if you are having any problems logging in or need any assistance.  My contact information is below.

Thank you,

Brandon Wolf, Network Administrator
Columbus Catholic Schools
715-387-1177, ext 3320