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Columbus Catholic Schools Fundraising Policy 



A fundraiser is defined as a practice that results in the accepting of solicited or unsolicited cash, goods, or services that are made on a voluntary basis for the purpose of supporting a project, program or a school.


Every day, the average person/business is bombarded with requests for donations.  Additionally, parents/students are continuously being asked to participate in fundraising efforts at their day care centers, schools, churches, athletic organizations and youth groups, etc.   At Columbus Catholic Schools (CCS), our Fundraising Policy has three goals:

Goal 1:  Minimize one-on-one solicitation (for example, selling pizza or candy bars door-to-door or on school premises).  We feel that too much of this type of solicitation reflects poorly on our organization.

Goal 2:  Create an organized, concerted effort for all CCS organizations that raise funds.

Goal 3:  Provide funding for the school’s overall costs.  The CCS Development Office works on two primary fundraising events per year (Alpine Holiday and Galleon) and an Annual Appeal that benefit the overall costs of the school and helps to keep tuitions costs low (vs. one specific aspect, like a class trip or athletic team).  The Development Office also cultivates relationships with donors (individuals and businesses) year-round.  While all fundraising is important, CCS prioritizes those that benefit the whole school.  Sometimes, other fundraisers (that Development is not aware of), interferes with Development’s efforts to benefit the school.


  1. All fundraisers must be approved by the Development Office.  To make a request, complete a “Fundraiser Request Form."  CLICK HERE
  2. The Development Office must be notified and give approval before any planning, booking of dates, and solicitation of volunteers commences.
  3. The fundraising year is July 1 through June 30.
  4. Each fundraiser cannot conflict with the dates and products of other school, team, club or department fundraisers and must stay within the original anticipated timeframe or seek additional approval from the Development Office.
  5. There can be no direct fund solicitation of individuals or businesses for a particular project without approval of the Development Office.
  6. All raffles must have approval of the Development Office before planning begins.  This includes Class B 50/50 Raffles, Calendar Raffles and Class A Raffles.  To do a raffle, organizations must report to the Development Office for information and to receive a Class B Raffle Reporting Form if needed.  Improper raffle reporting can result in loss of our raffle license.  The Development Office is not responsible for ordering your Class A raffle tickets, but would like to review a proof before it is printed.
  7. Items to be purchased with fundraiser profits must have prior approval from the Finance Office or it will be held unspent until such approval is given.
  8. All funds raised by any fundraiser must be turned into the Finance Office immediately after the fundraiser event, and total of dollars raised given to the Development Office.
  9. “Services-rendered” fundraisers such as bake sales, car washes and pancake breakfasts and are encouraged over actively selling an item.
  10. Expenses related to any fundraiser must be supported by appropriate (original) receipts or invoices.  Expenses will be reimbursed by check from the Finance Office.
  11. Each school will financially support one Mission following the above guidelines, as well as one community organization each year.
  12. Prior to the start of the school year, parents are to be made aware of all fundraisers anticipated for the academic school year including those from the Development Office, student and parent organizations, clubs, and athletic organizations.  CLICK HERE
  13. Individuals may not solicit CCS families for donations, memberships or to purchase products nor distribute products on school grounds during school hours.  Individuals may put information and/or signup sheets in faculty break rooms but may not actively solicit co-workers, teachers or fellow students. (Includes employees, students, families and outside organizations.)
  14. Fundraisers that use the name of “Columbus Catholic Schools” or any of its individual schools cannot be for the benefit or on behalf of any individual person.
  15. Any donation received by a CCS staff or volunteer must be reported to the Development Office, regardless of price, so the donor can be thanked and receive paperwork for tax purposes.  This can include donations of chips, soda, etc.  The “Gift in Kind” form shall be given to donors to fill out.  CLICK HERE


It is not our intent to create a hardship for any organization wishing to fundraise for the causes that are meaningful to them.  CCS believes that all fundraisers are important; working together we can accomplish all the potential our schools and students have to offer.  CCS encourages organizations to be creative and think “out-of-the-box” when coming up with fundraising ideas.  

Acceptable Fundraisers:  bake sales, car washes, pancake breakfasts, raffles, selling items created by students as part of a class project (ex: pinatas), partnering with other organizations (McTeacher Night, Knights of Columbus), change war, food drives, etc.  

Unacceptable Fundraisers:  candy bar/pizza sales involving a third party, coupon card sales (note:  the CCS Development Office does not have authority over the Spencer-Columbus Football Team).  

If you have any questions regarding the Fundraising Policy, please contact Krisann Mauritz, Director of Giving and Events, at 715-387-1177 ext. 3314 or 

(Updated August 13, 2020)