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Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (Tuition Voucher)

The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program will allow parents to receive a tuition voucher to enroll their children in approved private and religious schools. Columbus Catholic Schools has been a school of choice in the program since the 2012-13 school year. The program is limited to those families with incomes equal or below 220% of the federal poverty level (the income levels are listed below).



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  • For information, visit the Department of Public Instruction website HERE.
  • Two options to apply:
  • THE APPLICATION WINDOW OPENS ON FEBRUARY 1, 2022. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS APRIL 21, 2022.  No applications will be accepted after the deadline.


  • Any child not enrolled in our schools prior to the 2nd Friday in January during this school year.
  • Any child on any previous year’s waiting list.
  • Any child currently enrolled in our school and entering 4K, 5K, 1, or 9 next year.


    • 2021 Tax Return (Page 1 and 2 of 1040. This must be signed and dated by filer(s) even if it was prepared and filed electronically - OR - 
    • Social Security Number for direct Wisconsin Department of Revenue tax information search.  During the application you’ll be given the option to do an immediate determination of your income eligibility by entering your SSN and having the system search for your last-filed income taxes.  This only has the ability to look back one year, though.  If you haven’t filed in more than one year, do not choose this method of income determination. If your 2020 income would qualify but your 2021 would not, there is a way to apply — call our President, David Eaton, at 715-387-1177, extension 3304 before you file your 2021 taxes.
    • W2
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Paystub — must include your full name and address
    • Full Utility Bill (not a cell phone bill) from with 90 days of application
    • Letter from Government Agency
    • Signed lease/rental agreement — covering date of application


  • Family Size 2 = Maximum Yearly Income Single Parent/Unmarried Couple $38,324
  • Family Size 3 = Maximum Yearly Income Single Parent/Unmarried Couple $48,312; Married Couple $55,312
  • Family Size 4 = Maximum Yearly Income Single Parent/Unmarried Couple $58,300; Married Couple $65,300
  • Family Size 5 = Maximum Yearly Income Single Parent/Unmarried Couple $68,288; Married Couple $75,288
  • Family Size 6 = Maximum Yearly Income Single Parent/Unmarried Couple $78,276; Married Couple $85,276
  • Family Size 7 = Maximum Yearly Income Single Parent/Unmarried Couple $88,264; Married Couple $95,264
  • Family Size 8 = Maximum Yearly Income Single Parent/Unmarried Couple $98,252; Married Couple $105,252
  • For each additional member add $9,988


  • You MUST re-apply every year — even if your child already has a voucher
  • You will NOT be asked to submit income verification for students who already have a voucher
  • You WILL need to provide proof of income if applying for a child for the first time, even if your other children have vouchers
  • That requirement will NOT affect your children’s current vouchers
  • You WILL need to provide proof of address every year
  • ONLY those things listed above can be used to prove your address
  • Clinic bills, cell phone bills, credit card bills, and insurance bills are NOT acceptable proof of residence
  • If applying for the first time, or for a new child, and using your tax return to prove your income, your return MUST be signed and dated by all those filing the return, even if filed electronically
  • When applying, the address used on your application MUST match that on your proof of address
  • If using the Department of Revenue method to automatically prove your income while applying, the name(s) on your application MUST exactly match the name(s) on your tax return
  • Do NOT WAIT! Sometimes things go wrong when applying. Usually, we can fix the problem and get your application filed correctly. If you wait until the last day to apply, though, there may be nothing we can do to help you and you may lose out on the vouchers. With the entry-point grade limitations, that may mean never getting a voucher.
  • If you haven’t filed your taxes and think you might not get them done in time to apply, contact us. We can usually solve that problem.


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