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The Booster Club raises money through membership dues, donations, raffles, spirit merchandising sales, concessions and other activities as approved by the Columbus Catholic Schools Athletic Department.  Each year the Booster Club distributes funds in ways that supports every sport, which might include: equipment, practice facility repair, team meals, end-of-season sports banquets or fan appreciation activities.  Memberships run from July 1 - June 30 each school year.  Memberships submitted after April 1 will be applied to membership for the following school year.

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A Message from Erik Stratman


Dear Columbus families, sports fans and boosters,

On Sunday, April 23 at 7:00 pm in the Columbus Catholic cafeteria, the Columbus Catholic Athletic Booster Club will hold our meeting to select the next leaders of the club. All are welcome to throw your hat into the ring. No previous experience is necessary. We will begin by explaining the mission, vision, and values of the booster club and answering questions about club activities. Between this night and the first weekend in June, current leaders will help in role orientation and transition management. We hope you will make the Booster Club a part of your future!  Below is the description of the roles we plan to fill:

Booster Club President: The Booster Club President is the "face" of the booster club.  The president is responsible for running booster club meetings and ensuring that the work of the committees is completed in a timely manner.  The president should ensure that the mission and vision of the Columbus Catholic athletic booster club are followed and maintained.  The president communicates with the athletic teams about the opportunities to benefit from the booster club. The president serves as the principal liaison with the Columbus Catholic athletic director on matters related to the booster club or its mission.

Booster Club President Elect: The President-elect of the Booster Club assists the Booster Club President in the year leading up to the term in office as president.  Ideally the President Elect is selected by vote of Booster Club members attending the election meeting.  The President Elect assists the executive committee and, when needed, serves in a supporting role to the various committees.

Booster Club Vice President (Can be same as President-Elect, depending on club circumstances): The Vice President of the Booster Club serves in the role as President whenever the President is unable to perform the duties required of the Booster Club.  This might include running a monthly meeting or taking over in the event the President is no longer able to fulfill the role.  The vice president serves in a supporting role to the various committees, as needed.

Booster Club Secretary: The Booster Club Secretary is responsible for updating the booster club list serve so that the Booster Club can effectively communicate with its membership.  This includes updating emails when new members join.  The secretary may also be called upon to send out mass communications to boosters or 2 prospective boosters.  The Secretary also keeps minutes of the Booster Club meetings.  The Secretary also monitors the email for questions or issues.

Booster Club Treasurer: The Booster Club Treasurer works closely with the Columbus Catholic administrative office, specifically the financial officer of the school, to access funds for payments and reimbursements, as needed.  This person ideally will  have some form of accounting or finance background.  The Treasurer should have an accurate accounting of income and expenses to the booster club account and be aware of outstanding debts and income ready to report at each meeting of the club.  The treasurer should be aware of and communicate expiration dates of membership.

Booster Merchandise Acquisition:  This committee is responsible for Columbus Catholic Booster Club merchandising.  The sale of this merchandise is one of the primary ways that money will be raised for the athletic department.  Examples might include logo wear, spirit clothing and accessories, spirit knick-knacks, photo pins, hats, seat cushions, promotional sales, etc.  This committee would connect with merchants who produce these products and arrange a sale model that benefits the organization

Volunteer/Event Scheduling:  This committee is responsible for mobilizing the Booster Club volunteer workforce for various events, including concession stand service, merchandise sales, and other service projects that benefit the athletic department.  This includes running the annual Columbus Classic Golf Tournament.

Membership Drive:  This committee is responsible for reaching out to potential Columbus Catholic Booster Club members, including individuals, families, and corporate businesses in our community who are not currently active members.  This committee also works in concert with Columbus Catholic Development Office to ensure a maximum coordination of corporate relations-building with Columbus Catholic, which might include corporate support packages that include among other benefits, a membership to the Columbus Catholic Booster Club.  

Membership Benefits:  This committee is responsible for reaching out to current Columbus Catholic Booster Club members, including individuals, families, and corporate businesses in our community.  This committee ensures that all member benefits and communications are being distributed appropriately and timely, that appropriate recognition of boosters is being accomplished, that members are happy with their membership and, if not, determining what could make the experience of Booster Club members better.

Executive Committee Function:  Each of the above named committee chairpersons serves as a member of the Executive Committee, along with the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  In addition to the above executive leadership positions and key committee chairpersons, the executive committee also consists of ex officio members including the Columbus Catholic Athletic Director and Columbus Catholic Development Officer as designated by the school. The Executive Committee is also responsible for carrying out any other strategic initiative of the Booster Club not covered by the committees listed above.

Thank you for all that you do for our Columbus Dons sports and hope to see you there on Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 7:00 pm!


Erik Stratman
Booster Club President