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Please help us to congratulate our 2023 raffle winners!  

  • Ruby Necklace - Mauricio Jaime
  • $500 Cash - John Tracy
  • Browning A-Bolt III - Phil Prusinski
  • Bike & Service - Marty Draxler
  • Quarter of Beef - Josh Mauritz
  • Beretta A300 Ultima - Christine Stocks
  • One Year of Golf - Marty



Galleon annually raises additional funds for Columbus Catholic Schools. The funds are used to maintain our high educational standards through teaching materials, professional development and technology.  


This year, our goal is to raise $60,000 for a new sound system for the High School Gymnasium. Did you know that two weeks before Alpine 2022 the sound system quit working?  Did we have a backup? No! Could we cancel Alpine? Definitely not!  Thankfully, with the knowledge of our IT and Maintenance staff we were able to find used equipment and piece the sound system back together. Our current sound system is 16 years old. For now, we have fixed the issue with a band-aid.

However, what happens if it goes out during a Regional Final Basketball game? Or while Mr. Z is trying to introduce his band students? Investing in a new sound system will not only impact our ears and minds but it will translate into a better physical performance of our athletes, band and choir musicians and students at CCS.

The $60,000 won't just go to replacing the system with an equivalent one but one that will better cover the variety of uses our gym sees. Right now, the system works best for when the stage is being used. The new system will incorporate more speakers to better cover the gym for basketball, volleyball, pep rallies along with stage performances.

The new system is also digital which is an upgrade from our current analog system. With a digital system we can interact with it via a touch screen to control the many different settings. The main use would be to put the system into "basketball" mode or "Stage" mode.  Along with the touch screen we will also be able to manage and control the system from a computer which gives us the flexibility to make changes while the system is in use like for a play. A digital system is also easier to expand on since it runs over common cabling and protocols.

With the new system we are also adding some convenience features. Such as connections by the announcers table and streaming both so both can tap into the audio system. Bluetooth will also be incorporated to the system to make it easier for people to send music/audio to the system.

We want to create the most optimal sound to fill our gym space and in order to do that we must invest in a new sound system.  Can we count on you to help us to reach our goal to improve our sound system?  

What Can You Do?

  • Do you have an idea or a suggestion for a unique auction offering?  We’d love to hear it!
  • Donate to our Fund-A-Need. Click below to donate with your credit card (be sure to select “Galleon Fund-a-Need 2023” under "Gift Designation)



Please help us to thank your sponsors!


  • Hastreiter Industries / S&R Truck
  • Marawood Construction Services
  • Roehl Transport


  • Altmann Builders
  • Burnett Transit
  • Lang Furniture


  • Boson
  • Dental Clinic
  • Forward Bank
  • Hawkins Ash CPAs
  • Prairie Run Dental
  • Rembs Funeral Home
  • Simplicity Credit Union
  • Split Ends


  • Art's Body Shop
  • Century 21 - Rita Blenker
  • Driver Education Academy
  • Hub City Ice Cream
  • Rustic Housecleaning LLC
  • Wiskerchen Cheese


  • Chips Hamburgers
  • Fade to Black
  • Munson Bridge Winery
  • Wisconsin Homes


  • Erik Edwards
  • Luke Hilgemann
  • Charles & Margaret Payant
  • Kelly Rasmussen
  • Troy Zimmermann


  • Mika Brunson
  • Jen Edwards
  • Alanna & Lucas Hart
  • Heidi Jaime
  • Angie Loucks
  • Mandy Volkman