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GOAL:  $90,000:  WE ARE CURRENTLY AT 100%!

  • To make a donation online, CLICK HERE (under "Gift Designation" select "Annual Fund")
  • To mail a donation, download our DONATION FORM
    • Mail to:  Columbus Catholic Schools, Attn: Development, 710 S. Columbus Ave., Marshfield, WI  54449
  • For more information, contact the Development Department


  • $90,000 Goal
  • Columbus Annual Fund Giving Day is Tuesday, January 30, 2024 during Catholic Schools Week
  • Postmark your donation by Dec. 31, 2023 to get your 2023 tax deduction
  • Our average “Cost to Educate” (CTE) per student is approximately $8,500, but our average tuition is approximately $3,400, or 40% of our CTE.  We make up the difference with donations and special events.
  • You may have heard about our campaign to raise money for a new fieldhouse. However, donations are still needed now for our every day operational costs.


CCS is growing in many ways, and with growth comes positive changes.  In the past, we would reach out to our donors only once a year during the Annual Appeal.   We want to change that, starting with changing our campaign name from “Annual Appeal” to “Annual Fund.”  This does not mean we will continuously ask for donations 24/7; but rather, we want to engage with our constituents (you) all year long - offer a variety of ways to give back to CCS throughout the year (including volunteering) and keep our doors open when you have questions,  concerns and ideas. 


Last summer we unveiled our “Lifetime of Giving” recognition wall!  Donors who have gifted a minimum of $10,000 in their lifetime (to ANY fund) qualify to have their names on our recognition wall.  Now is a good time to take a look at your donations to CCS - in the past year and since your very first donation to CCS - to see if you qualify to go on our wall, or “bump up” from one level to another!  Contact the CCS Development Office with questions at or 715-387-1177 ext. 3318



You could skip.…

  • going out to eat once per month
  • buying coffee three times a month
  • going to the spa 
  • one month of streaming subscriptions
  • the extra pair of shoes you want but don’t really need

... and you could provide…

  • classroom supplies for one grade
  • two high school textbooks
  • one subscription to an e-textbook
  • payment for officials for one night of a high school sporting event
  • one of three buses needed to bring students from St. John the Baptist Primary School to the Columbus campus for Christmas concert practice, all-school Masses, etc. (one round-trip)

Hurray!  We have our very own Giving Day!  



  • JANUARY 30, 2024
  • During Catholic Schools Week
  • Last year during Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29, 2022) we raised $2,765 in ONE DAY ALONE. Can we beat that?  
  • This year we decided to have our own Giving Day for Columbus Catholic Schools.  We will have fun challenges and special messages all day long.  Watch our website and Facebook page for more details.  We hope you join us!