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St. John the Baptist Primary School

If your child rides the bus from St. John's to OLPI or Columbus after school, both St. John's and Kobussen have been made aware that it is still okay to drop the kids at OLPI.  However, any children that would normally get off at OLPI and run over to enter the MS doors will now have to stay on the bus until they reach the front HS doors due to the doors and sidewalk being inaccessible. Please remind your child of this if it applies.

Our Lady of Peace Intermediate School

There is now a construction fence up around the site of our new fieldhouse. This will affect a number of things here at the school. I’ll try to give a brief summary.  Click here to download a map.

Morning Drop-Off: This will stay the same. Continue to drop off in front (north) by the sidewalk between the church and school.

Before-School Recess: The recess before school will move to behind the church (south).

Afternoon Pick-Up: About 30% of the parking lot will be closed off.

  1. Drive Up Only in the church parking lot. Please don’t park in the OLP church lot.
  2. Please approach the parking lot entrance from the south (8th Street)
  3. Pick Up will be behind the church (west of current pick-up zone)
  4. If you must park, please park in the front (north) OLP School lot and use the sidewalk between the church and school to come to the safety zone to pick-up.
  5. Middle School students will not have access to the OLP lot from the middle school door.
    1. The construction fence will close the north entrance of the Columbus building.
    2. Please pick up CCMS students in front of Columbus before picking up your OLP student(s).

After Care: Pick up will be as usual: in the church parking lot if it’s nice enough for the kids to be outside and at the front entrance of the school if it’s a day they’re in the gym. CCMS students who visit the OLP after care will need to come to the main OLP school entrance to get into the building.

Recess: There will be three areas for outside recess: 1) Between the school and church; 2) the parking lot from the church entrance to just past the other side of the church; 3) from that point to the parking lot entrances. The parking lot will be blocked off during recess.

Inside Recess during funerals: Just as we do when the weather is bad, when there are funerals at the church, we’ll have recess inside. This will allow the parking lot to be used for the funeral and will eliminate noise on the side of the church.

Please Be Patient! We’re not sure how all of this will go and we may need to make changes.

Volunteers Welcome! One thing that may need to change is to offer more recess options. To offer other choices, like using the OLP gym for basketball, volleyball, or kickball, we would need parent or grandparent volunteers. Volunteers would need to have completed the Safe Environment training and the background check. There will be a Sign-Up Genius link for volunteering to help at recess. That will be sent out in a separate email once we see how the current plan is working.


There is now fencing for the gym project. Please refer to the attachment for a fencing map. The fencing will extend from Columbus Avenue to Schmidt Street, also going from our building to OLP School. It will also block off access to the middle school entrance and parking lot.  

Here are some important points to be noted:

  1. Teachers will have to park in the high school parking lot or the EAST side of Columbus Avenue. The faculty parking area should have enough space if we use the area along the Development office wall and the spots by the concession stand.
  2. Everyone will have to exit via the main entrance and travel along Columbus Avenue, around OLP School, to reach the church. Unfortunately, the sidewalks will also be closed off, so students will have to walk on the side of the road for some distance. Please ensure you leave after the announcements and add additional travel time to your schedule.

With the middle school entrance being closed off, there will be a new exit in what used to be Mr. Wolf's Office.  We will tell you as soon as we have information. Until then, the Middle school door or Library doors may be used in an emergency/fire drill.