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Thanks to an anonymous donor, we are able to bring the “Needs Closet” to Columbus Catholic Schools!  Thanks to a kick-off grant we received we were able to purchase personal hygiene items for each school.  These items can be used by ANY student who are at-need, going through a difficult time, or just needs a little extra help.  Also, at the HS/MS building, a personal care basket has been placed in the girl’s bathroom.  

NOTE:  if the program is abused in any way, we will make adjustments so it is not taken advantage of!  We are sure the program will change as we discover what’s needed / not needed, etc. so we thank you for your patience as we navigate through this together.  

If you are interested in making a donation (cash or items), or have any questions, please contact Angela Loucks at 715-387-1177 ext. 3318 or   For a listing of donation needs: