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High School students are required to complete a minimum of 10 volunteer hours each year (although more volunteering is encouraged) in order to meet graduation requirements. All volunteer hours need to be verified before they go into the student's record, in order to meet the requirement.  Click below for our Service Hours Form.


If service is “required” of every member of a particular organization, those are not eligible service hours. For example, in addition to the school requirements the Columbus National Honor Society has a minimum standard of an average of 10 hours per semester (20 hours a year).

1) Can a student get in their 40 hours as a freshman and be done?

Answer: It would be wonderful for a freshman to accumulate 40 hours!  However, that student would still need to complete at least another 10 hours of service each year.  We want to encourage our students to develop a habit of service.

2) Where can we see what hours a student has submitted and that have been verified?

Answer: Use the FACTS Family App, choose the "Volunteer" icon, then select "student service hours report," and then you should be able to select which family member you want to see, and then it should have a list of all the hours that have been submitted and verified, so check for the dates entered to verify they were for this school year.

Answer: OR -  log into the FACTS Family Portal 

  1. Click “Family” from the drop down menu
  2. Click the “Family Home”  link
  3. Under “Family Members” go to the drop down menu, and select your student
  4. Scroll to “Service Hours”