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  • Undergrad Scholarships

    Columbus Catholic Schools offers thousands of dollars in scholarships, grants and tuition assistance each year. The majority of the scholarships available are housed within the Columbus Education Foundation (CEF). The application process for the 2023-24 school year starts February 3, 2023 and are due March 31, 2023.  Click HERE to apply.  Click HERE to view a listing of scholarships available.   

  • Tuition Grants

    Tuition Grants can help those who don't qualify for the voucher program. We have our own tuition grant program to help families with tuition. You can find the online application here: .  If you have any concerns about affording tuition for next year, please apply for a grant as soon as possible. You can apply each year and there isn't a specific income level that disqualifies a family from receiving a grant.

  • 2023-24 Calendar

    Click here to download the Columbus Catholic Schools System-Wide Calendar for the 2023-24 school year: 

  • School Cancellations

    You can find cancellation announcements on WSAW,, the CCS Facebook page, our website, and via email. In recent years, we used the Remind text alert system, but will be changing over to text alerts that get sent out through FACTS.

    While we’ll continue to limit text alerts to cancellations, you may start seeing texts about cancellations for games, practices, or other events as well as full school cancellations.

    To ensure you are able to receive our alerts please text the keyword “START” to 31-706 from your mobile device. Any text alerts from our school will begin with “CCS Alert” and calls will show from 715-387-1177. Per the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, we provide all recipients with the option to Opt Out of receiving school alerts. Anytime we send a text alert, you will see ‘Stop to End’. If you reply ’Stop’ you will no longer receive our text alerts regardless if we select you as a recipient.”

  • Substitute Teachers Needed

    CCS is seeking applicants for Substitute Teachers.   Flexible schedule, fabulous teachers, fantastic kids... what more could you ask for?!?

    Preschool, 4K, or 5K Aide Substitute:  high school diploma or equivalent; $10/hr or $80/day

    Lead Teacher (All Grades):  four year degree; $12.50/hr or $100 per day

    If you are interested, please call 715-387-1177 or email for an application or apply online at  Please feel free to pass this email along to friends and/or family!

  • Prayer Requests

    We have the ability to take Prayer Requests on our website. Anyone with a prayer request can fill out our online form; all requests will be confidentially sent to our Chaplain and will be included in an intention at school Masses. People needing prayer requests can opt to have their prayers made public on our website (to unleash the positive power of group prayers or prayer chains) or they can opt to keep it confidential as well. Additionally, we will soon have a Prayer Box in our Chapel too. This locked box will take Prayer Requests and be monitored by our Chaplain. If you or someone you know is in need of a prayer, fill out our online form by clicking here: