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As we look to the potential of a system enrollment of 800 students within the next ten years, there is a clear need to expand and improve Columbus facilities to meet student needs. 

That’s why Columbus Catholic Schools is launching a capital campaign, Columbus in Motion. The campaign endeavors to raise $10.5 million to construct and outfit a new field house that meets the most pressing needs and fulfills an exciting vision for the next generation of Columbus graduates. 

We are confident the Columbus in Motion Campaign will ensure a high caliber of excellence in Catholic education for the Marshfield community for years to come.

An Invitation to You

If your life has in some way been impacted by Columbus Catholic Schools, we invite you to join us in this energizing community effort. Your support will put this exciting plan into motion, while also preserving our rich history. 

Your pledge to the Columbus in Motion campaign is fully tax deductible. Gifts of all sizes are needed and greatly appreciated, and you can spread your giving out to as long as five years. 

The current gyms at St. John the Baptist Primary School, Our Lady of Peace Intermediate School and Columbus Catholic High/Middle School are in constant use for practices, games and tournaments. The elementary school gyms are not conducive to practices for high school teams but are often the only available courts. Likewise, they are too small for middle school tournaments but are often used due to a lack of alternatives.

Therefore, we are in the midst of planning for the construction of the Columbus Catholic Schools Fieldhouse. The purpose of creating this space is not to simply construct a building, but to galvanize students to meet or exceed their potential by nurturing their mind, body and spirit. 


  • Athletics and physical education improve the body and help young people develop a healthy lifestyle. Our programs provide unique opportunities to students for personal growth, skill development, physical fitness, socialization, development of moral qualities, growth in emotional maturity and development of a strong character.
  • Team sports create a sense of belonging and foster students’ growth as caring, responsible and confident Christians inspired to loving service of God and neighbor.
  • Our goals for our student athletes are to develop leadership skills and responsibility; to grow in team commitment and school loyalty; to demonstrate and encourage sportsmanship and team spirit, to treat others respectfully, to deal positively with success and adversity; and to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Year after year, Columbus Catholic Schools continue to thrive, both in academics and athletics. 
Enrollment is at its highest in 10 years and continues to steadily grow. Thanks to the support of parents and a world-class faculty team, Columbus has a rich legacy of providing student athletes with the tools to succeed on and off the court.  Our athletics program has grown to offer competitive sports starting in third grade, and our middle school athletic offerings now mirror varsity sports. 

Academically, we are preparing our students for the future by offering honors and AP classes as well as Youth Apprenticeship and School-to-Work programs and dua I-credit classes with Mid-State Technical College. Columbus' small class sizes create an ideal environment for student achievement. We work hard to help every student maximize their potential. The result: highly employable, well-rounded graduates ready to lead in their communities and in their faith. 

To Make a Donation

Krisann (Altmann '91) Mauritz, Director of Giving and Events
715-387-1177 ext. 3314.