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Tours, Shadowing & Visits: Come take a peek at what makes our school such a special place. We provide parents with tours, current family contacts, and the chance to speak with teachers and principals to give them a better perspective of the school.

Many parents also like to attend system open houses, information nights, or even have their son or daughter shadow for a day. There are many opportunities to get acquainted with our school.

To schedule a tour or to receive information, you may contact Admissions at 715-387-2444, or email


CCS Payment Plans

Columbus Catholic uses automatic withdrawals to manage our tuition payment process. We allow for semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payment plans via automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings. Many families find it much easier to manage a ten month payment plan, versus the whole tuition payment before the school year begins.

Columbus Catholic Tuition Assistance

The Columbus Tuition Assistance program is assistance based on financial need. We invite you to apply for the Columbus Tuition Assistance Program if you have financial need. CCS offered $160,000 in grants to our families for the 2016-17 school year.

To apply for the Columbus Tuition Assistance Program, a family must complete and submit The FACTS Grant and Aid application by April 30th. The online application is at This application is kept confidential by FACTS.

Once the application process has been completed, CCS will follow up with all applicants by July 15th. This time span gives CCS time to review results from the automated FACTS program and respond to all families that applied. Families we partner with by awarding them tuition grants are asked in return to do their best by supporting CCS and our core values. These families also have other opportunities to help CCS by volunteering in our Gift Card Program, fundraising events, or event concessions.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (Tuition Voucher)

The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program will allow parents to receive a tuition voucher to enroll their children in approved private and religious schools. CCS has been a school of choice in the program since the 2012-13 school year. The program is limited to those families with incomes equal or below 185% of the federal poverty level (the income level can be found online or by calling the CCS Admissions Office at 715-387-2444).

In 2017-18 state law mandates no more than 2% the pupil membership of a public school district may participate in the WPCP. To learn more or apply for the WPCP visit: If you are eligible for this program, we highly recommend that you apply between February 1-April 20. Please call our President, David Eaton, for more information (715-387-1177).

No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Tax Deductions

Beginning on January 1, 2014, the State of Wisconsin has created an income tax deduction for elementary and secondary school tuition expenses. Taxpayers will be able to claim their 2014 paid private and religious school expenses up to $4,000 for each dependent child in Kindergarten through eighth grade, and up to $10,000 for each dependent child in grades nine through twelve.

Gift Card Fundraising

The Gift Card Program is a fundraising program where CCS buys gift certificates from local and national vendors at a discount, and then sells them to you at face value. The profit is split 80/20 between you and CCS. Many families budget their groceries, gas, clothing, dining, gifts, and travel with gift cards.


Columbus offers a number of scholarship opportunities through an application process. In addition, there are also a number of scholarships available through outside organizations.

For details about the above programs contact our Admissions Director at 715-387-2444.

At CCS, we understand that sometimes these programs listed are not enough. If you have special circumstances, please contact David Eaton at 715-387-1177 or


Academic Excellence or achievement
taking place in a smaller environment where it is easier to be known and feel a sense of belonging:

  • Average class size 12-17 students
  • Average students per grade of about 32
  • Teacher/Student ratio 1:13
  • Values integrated into the curriculum for each subject
  • Faith taught, explored and celebrated
  • About 93% of Columbus students return each year

Under the guidance of excellent faculty and staff:

  • 20% of Columbus teachers hold advanced degrees
  • Students routinely say that one of the best qualities of CCS is how the teachers demonstrate their care for each student; expressing the strong feeling that they see their teachers also as mentors and guides
  • Average of 14 years teaching per faculty member
  • Student Guidance Counselor guides teens from the beginning of their freshman year, helping them with the challenge of identifying possible career paths, college interests, and applying for admission. Of last year’s graduates, over 95% went on to college and over 90% of college bound students received at least one college scholarship

The result for each student is the achievement of his or her potential as a confident, compassionate, contributing graduate.

For international students, please Dorothy Flees at