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Pictured here are (from left to right):  John Bauer, Lindsey Kroening, Stephanie Kohlbeck, Kim Fieweger, Michelle Hargraves and Matt Pieper.

The CCS Education Commission is comprised of the following: Dean of the Marshfield Deanery, the President and administrative officials of CCS, along with nine parents representing the local parishes. In 2008, a non-Catholic representative position was created to provide insight into those needs of our school system. The Commission's primary role is to act as an advisory body to the President and Dean.

During each meeting the Commission reviews administrative reports and discusses various topics presented by the CCS staff and committee chairs. Parents wishing to submit or speak on an idea are asked to contact any Commission member to be put on the agenda. 

Being a religious organization we rely on the tremendous efforts of parents and students to share their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Opportunity to volunteer are often presented in our schools it is a great chance to get involved and be a shining example of Christ for our children and our community.

For more information about getting involved with the Commission or other volunteer activities at Columbus Catholic Schools, contact any of the Commission members.


Columbus Education Commission 2023-24

  • Very Rev. Douglas Robertson, Dean
  • David J. Eaton, President
  • Stephanie Kohlbeck, Chair
  • Matt Pieper, Vice-Chair
  • Kim Fieweger, Secretary
  • Lindsey Kroening, Corpus Christi
  • Michelle Hargraves, St. John the Baptist
  • John Bauer, St. John the Baptist
  • Open, Sacred Heart

There is currently a Sacred Heart position open. Please contact David Eaton if you are interested in
joining the Commission: