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Code of Conduct for CCS Middle and High School Students


A behavior code is provided because the students, the parents, and the staff expect and demand a safe and secure campus. The purpose of the code is to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment in which all students are able to achieve their highest potential and develop the personal skills that will allow each person to become a leader and to be successful in life. 

  1. I will respect myself, my peers, my teachers and any other adults. 
  2. I will come to school prepared with the required materials and my homework done. 
  3. I will arrive on time for my classes and will follow the tardy procedures if I am late. 
  4. I will respect all school property. 
  5. I will respect the people and the practices of those with a different faith tradition. 
  6. I will respect the people and the practices of those from a different culture. 
  7. I will not fight or use force/intimidation with anyone in the school community. 
  8. I will not use profane or vulgar language or gestures. 
  9. I will not use racial, ethnic, religious, gender or sexual orientation slurs. 
  10. I will not bring, distribute or use any drug or drug paraphernalia at school. 
  11. I will not bring any weapon or “look-alike” weapon to school. 
  12. I will dress appropriately according to the Columbus Catholic dress code. 
  13. I will follow all other rules and regulations as delineated by the CCS Handbook.