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Need Columbus gear?  We've got you covered!


Team Apparel

Columbus team apparel is handled by the coaches.  At the beginning of each sport season, your student's coach should hand out information about team apparel.


Visit Victory Apparel

Stop in at Victory Apparel (located at 170 S. Central Ave., Marshfield) and browse the items they have in stock.  Click here to visit their website:


Dress Code Apparel / Dons Gear Group Orders

We will be placing a group order through Victory Apparel four times per year.  This is your opportunity to order dress-code approved t-shirts and polos; and a wide variety of Dons Gear from hoodies and jackets.... to stadium seats and duffle bags! 

To participate simply fill out the Victory Apparel online form (when available) and pay with your credit card.  Please allow four weeks delivery after the deadline.  School parents/guardians:  your orders will be sent home with your oldest/only student.  All other orders must be picked up at the Development Office (located at Columbus High School) within 30 days.  (Items not picked up after 60 days will go back into stock.) 

Because of delays in the supply chain, our Columbus group order of shirts from Victory Apparel will take longer.  Polo shirts ordered in August 2021 are still unavailable.  Thank you for your patience!  

Deadlines to order are:

  • July 19, 2021 - Dress Code Apparel Only for High/Middle School Students
  • September 25, 2021 - Deadline to order all Dons Gear (delivered early Nov.)  
  • February 14, 2022 - Deadline to order all Dons Gear (delivered the week of March 14) CLICK HERE TO ORDER
  • July 13, 2022 - Dress Code Apparel Only for High/Middle School Students (delivered during orientation)

If you DO NOT see an item you would be interested in purchasing... let us know!  Send an email to


To view our dress code policies, click HERE.

To view a visual representation of our dress code policies, click HERE.