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Diocesan Drug/Medication Administration Policy

The state legislature has provided for administration of drugs to students who must have medication while attending school. Any private school employee or volunteer authorized in writing by the private school administrator or Principal, as well as any licensed school bus operator authorized by the proper school authority, may be required to administer a drug to a pupil under this law by any means other than ingestion.

The party authorized to administer the drug and the school Principal/Administrator are immune from civil liability for their acts or omissions unless there is a high degree of negligence. “High degree of negligence” is defined as “conduct which demonstrates ordinary negligence to a high degree, consisting of an act which the person should realize creates a situation of unreasonable risk and high probability of death or great bodily harm to another.” (This immunity does not apply to health care professionals.) (S. 118.9.) DSP 5505.


  • Students must have a prescription and/or written permission from a parent/guardian allowing the use of any prescribed medication.
  • That medication must be stored in the original container with the student’s name, dosage, and directions clearly printed on the label.
  • The medications and permission forms may be dropped off at the Central Office along with the completed Comprehensive Medical Release Form.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to update medical information for each student on a yearly basis.


  • ALL medications, including aspirin, aspirin substitutes, and other over-the-counter (OTC) medications, require written permission from a parent/guardian in order to be administered and must be on file in the main office.
  • They must be kept in the office safe and administered there.
  • Due to medical and liability issues, Columbus Catholic High School is unable to administer aspirin or other medications via telephone. Some form of written verification must be on file (FAX or email acceptable).


A child may carry inhaled asthma medication with him/her at school (locker, pocket, backpack, etc.). Inhaled asthma medications do not need to be locked away in a central location if the parent/guardian and the physician provide the school with written permission. According to Wisconsin Statute 118.291 from the American Lung Association of Wisconsin Section 1, #2 states that staff and school districts are not liable if the student uses the inhaler improperly.